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Great Yarmouth's First ever Meet up!

On Friday 1st March the first ever official Netmums Meetup for Mums, dads and mums to be will take place in Great Yarmouth. We’ll be meeting at midday in Starbucks (Market Gates). The event is an informal and friendly way for mums to meet up and get to know other mums in the area. Mums can just turn up but if they would like some more information, they can log on to Netmums in advance and chat online to us about who will be there and what we will be doing. If they feel nervous they can drop me an email before hand and I will make sure they feel welcome. For further details log on to


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Sophie R
Hi Jade

That's great, I had been looking for this kind of things in Great Yarmouth. My baby is due in less than 3 weeks, so I will need all the advice I can get, once she is here.
Unfortunately Fridays are not a good day for me, so I probably won't be able to attend. But please keep us posted on any future date and hopefully I will be able to join you.
Jade :)
Hi Virginie,

Thanks for the reply :) firstly congratulations :D 3 weeks left wow - how are you feeling? Do you know if you are having a boy or girl? Or do you have a surprise? I'm due in 8 weeks and my sister now has a 4 week old. So part of the reason for us setting up this group is like you we knew once our babies were here we would need help and support and who best to give advice than other mums!

It's a shame you won't be able to make our first meet up, but don't worry, there will be many more and they will be different days and places (we're really hoping to do a summer picnic!)
If you would like to join our group for updates please either add me on Facebook (Jade Karly Hurrell) or join our 'coffeehouse' on (just type in you postcode and look for meet a mum)

Good luck in 3 weeks time, can't wait to hear about your new arrival :)

Jade x
Jade :)
We got our meet ups in the paper :) So fingers crossed we will get lots of people attending! If you would like to come, please let us know (although you can just turn up on the day) but we would like to give Starbucks a rough estimate of how many of us there will be :)
Sheila S
After reading about starbu cks, and how they treat people in need, I would never again put a single penny into their pockets
Sophie R
Hi Jade

Just to let you know that I have been able to move things around a bit and I will be able to attend on Friday.

Congratulations to you and your sister too. My sister is also due in 3 weeks, but unfortunately we don't live near each other. I am having a girl and she is having a boy.
Pregnancy has gone really well so far, I hope it will be the same with the birth. I will be going for a water birth at JPH, what about you? But we can discuss this on Friday.

See you soon
Jade :)
Sheila alot of people have asked me about Starbucks and the followering is what I have said. You need to remeber that this group was set up to support people and has nothing to do with Starbucks and what they make out of it!

To be honest we really didn't think that the meet ups would take off as well as they have. Although we are REALLY happy that they have, at the time Starbucks seamed like a great location as there wasn't going to be many of us. However, we have posters, events, leaflets everywhere and hopefully a bit in the paper tomorrow too, so we really can't change the time and location because we want to make sure that everyone who wants to come knows what's going on!!

Of course knowing that there are a lot of interested mummies, we will be looking for somewhere more suitable next time (and hopefully a picnic in the park in the summer!) But we do hope that this wont stop people coming down for a quick drink to say hi. The first meet up will only be a short 1 hour, but as long as it goes well our next one will be BIGGER AND BETTER !

Please feel free to give us lots of ideas for future meetups.
Jade :)
Hi Virginie R

Its's fantastic that you can attend on Friday, i'm really loojking forward to meeting you (and seeing your lovely bump! :) 

Thats fantastic that your sister is expecting too, do you two talk much? I bet it's also a very exciting time for your family!

I'm really hoping to go for a water birth at JPH too, but it all depends if my consultant will let me! I will explain more on Friday! Me and my sister (Vicki) are going to put some 'netmums' signs on the table where we are sitting so people can identify us easier :)

See you Friday at midday!
Samantha O
I would've loved to come and meet other future mummy's (got my 16 week midwife appointment on Tuesday) but unfortunately I'll be at work myself; and with work being an independent (tax paying) coffee shop, meeting in Starbucks is a big no no for me too!

Really hope it went well though, and as discussed back in November we'd love to offer Mocha as a venue for future meetings. x
Jade :)
Congratulations Samantha :) Hopefully you can make it to the next one :)
Jade :)
Well they will be in different places each time, so keep your eyes out for or next post :)
Yarmouth Library
Hi, if you ever want a place to meet that is free come to the library the little ones will love it in the children's library! We have a cafe there too!
I just want to wish the meetup well. I won't be coming along because I'm not really in the target audience (not expecting, nor plan to really) but I hope you all have a great time (oh and congratulations all around!). Having children can be a big thing and it's important to find support from those that understand. I wish the cause behind it all the best too! :)
Jade :)
Thanks Jabber :)

I feel it went well, was great to meet mummies and mummies to be! Really looking forward to planning the next one :)

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