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ihave  a pond that i need someone to clean, put a new filter in it, (pump)  , it is very  deep and big, also inmy garage have  a pit that  i need   covered in (previous owners used to repair cars)


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Steven C
Hi i think i can help you and not expensive
Annabel E
that is fantastic news, i am due to go away this weekend,live in collier row (off mawney rd) but if you wanted to give me a quote tomorrow  pm i will be indoors(weather permitting of course)
Annabel E
Steven C
Would be happy to give quote if u would like u could email your details , i would be happy just to work on a day rate as work is slow due to weather
Steve W
hiya  Annabel have you had your pond quotation yet  if you want a 2nd quote please  get in touch
Dave W
A word of advise, If the pond has fish in it, you should not be cleaning out this time of year as the fish will be living in the warn water at the bottom of the pond......
do not let eneybody touch your pond this time of the year as the fish are at the bottom in warm water when the wether warms up give writestripes a call thay will give you a fair qwote the webb site is or phone 08002118002

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