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Help needed in the garden

I need some one-time help clearing up the garden after winter.  No gardening skill or experience needed, so it would be a good way for a teenager to earn some money.  I am flexible about time and duration.  Thank you.


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Hi Juju

I'm Fiona, I'm not a teenager anymore but I'm a dab hand at clearing gardens.  I love getting stuck into a garden that needs a good clear-out.  My own garden is minimal maintenance these days.  Please email me if you're interested in my help and we can swop numbers.
Paul B
I've done this kind of thing before and could do it again. People were pleased with the results. When you say "after Winter", I assume you're not ready to have it done yet, because the last day of Winter is March 20. Please let me know. You can send me a private message through this site. It's not necessary to send email.

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