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hi can anyone recermend a good bank to open a new account.


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Paul W

If you mean a branch account  I can't help as I haven't had one for about 15 years. If you want online / telephone banking I would recommend First Direct - they are very helpful and efficient. Note that they stipluate a minimum income into the account every month or you have to pay a charge. Santender have a very good offer where they pay a good rate of interest on your current account but check the details.

Suggest you look at this site:

June W
I have a natwest current account and a savings account with them i do online banking and can transfer money in an instant from one to the other no probs been banking with them for 34 years never had a problem with them.
my children had accounts with a debit card from the ages of 11 and it has taught them the value of money one now has an adult account and my younger one has a isa as well which they both bank online and younger one even money transfers online from her account into her isa!
Stanley, you won't go far wrong as Paul suggests, "money saving expert" is very up to date with offers and best value etc. You will also have the added benefit of upto 10% savings account with your new current account. Halifax will pay you £5 a month as long as you follow their terms. Some banks will pay you £100 or more to sign up. It pays you to change banks regularly and take up there offefs. Martin Lewis "money expert" will keep you well informed if you sign up for emails.
Stanley S
thanks for your comments very helpful.
`Been with Nationwide for years:
:online these days and also the branc.h both ways are good..
Don't often see those two words in the same sentence these days. Good & bank! Good luck.
When I married in 1961 we opened a savings account and had a mortgage from 'The Hastings andTthanet Building Society'.That was incorporated with others to 'Anglia Bulding society which then became Nationwide Building Society and ultimately  a bank.I think a long service medal is indicated:-)
Yes, and the manager would only have lent you the mortgage because he knew you could afford it and had a record of regular savings, and the mortgage would have been a repayment (not an endowment). Ah, happy days. I wonder what went wrong?
Hi Fair maid of Kent, I believe the Nationwide is still an independent building siciety, one of the very few left still owned by its customers. They have yet to turn to the greed of the banking industry and I think it will be a very long while before they do. So make the most of them.
I'm also with First Direct & have found them very efficient  to deal with. Online banking suits me but if ever I have any phone queries their phone advisers are excellent. Their call centre is based in the UK so no language / accent difficulties & if there's a problem they sort it out (and call back if they say they will!!).
If you need a bank branch there is always HSBC in Beccles as they are part of that.

It's worth checking that you aren't offered sweeteners on one hand e.g. £100 vouchers, but they claw it back with the other hand with a monthly charge for services / options you will never use.
Barbara G
Smile is an internet bank account part of coopertive bank. You can deal with everything over the internet and I have been very pleased with them. You pay money in via any post office so handy if you live near one as you dont need to go into town! They have a call centre which is very good too if you need to speak to someone.
Michael F
I had a Cooperative Bank account for some time. They did not warn me of a change in interest rates. The bank which earns the most favourable comments, according to the financial pundits, is First Direct, which has a satisfaction rating of over 90% from its customers. It was the old Midland Bank. It is a subsidiary of HSBC. It is an internet only bank, but it has a communications kiosk in HSBC banks, including the one in Beccles. I made the mistake of closing my account with them some years ago for some forgotten reason. I have regretted this. I am considering reopening an account with them again. I am a bit wary of the interbank handover procedure as it stands at the moment. When I have confidence in that, I will probably change back to them again.

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