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Suffolk Coastal Cuts (more)

Nick W in Bawdsey
I see that Felixstowe Town Council are having to pick up the tab for flower planting on the seafront and in a years time the lighting on the seafront, all due to SCDC financial cutbacks (more)

So... they can't afford the Spa any more, so no theatre.  They can't afford to cut the grass.  They can't afford to plant flowers to attract visitors.  They can't afford to have lights on the seafront to attract visitors.

So, when the wonderful (sic) improvements are done to the Spa gardens with lottery money, who is going to maintain them into the future, not that we will have any visitors to this soon to be dark old place.

I just don't understand how cutting the very things that make the place attractive can be sensible.

Thank goodness for Felixstowe Town Council who are prepared to pick up the tab, although by raising a Council Tax precept from us to pay for it.  Hmmm.. that mean we are now paying for the job twice?

Your thoughts on a postcard (of deep dark Felixstowe of course).. :o)

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