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Proposed New Housing Development - Longstrops, Kesgrave

Hi Folks
There's a big new housing development proposed for Longstrops. An eagle eyed neighbour spotted the announcement of a presentation in the Advertiser - photo attached. You can find out about the development at the Community Centre on Wednesday 6th February between 4pm and 9pm.


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Michael P
It is my understanding that this is for 300 homes with access via Dobbs Lane and Century Drive (cutting across Longstrops). As well as the increased traffic from the houses, I guess this would also create a cut through from Foxhall Rd to the A1214. In my opinion it would also spoil Longstrops, which is used by many people.
Kesgrave Good Neighbour Scheme
Interesting! Personally, as a dog walker who's favourite walk is around here, I guess it would change the whole nature of the area from the open green space it currently is. The potential cut through from Dobbs Lane is a little worrying - one of the reasons I wanted to go to the presentation is to see what the access plans were. I couldn't find anywhere the proposed number of homes. Do you know a website where there is a little more detail?
Michael P
I don't know of any website. We called Suffolk Coastal and the above is what they told us.
Notice is on Kesgrave website

Meeting minutes for January  indicate that the planning application will go in next month:
"c. Late items for information Council have been advised by SCDC that Persimmon wish to enter into discussion with the Planning Authority on a hybrid application for south of Long Strops. It is understood a plan for 100 homes is to be submitted in March with further phases to increase this to 300.At present it is unclear exactly where this development is planned and how and where access would be achieved."
Mary N
The development plan shows the site as bordering Longstrops from Cedarwood School to the bottom of the Millenium sports area, jinking slightly and then through the woodland to Dobbs Lane; and then from the School at the top a straight line across to the piece of woodland on the opposite side of the field and following that woodline down to Dobbs Lane.
Kesgrave Good Neighbour Scheme
Eek! Thanks very much - roads everywhere crossing footpaths and green fields. Going to have a look at teh presentation this evening and will read through this too.

Thanks also EJ - couldn't find anything there when I last looked.
Kesgrave Good Neighbour Scheme
I went to the presentation last night and it was packed. We were there about 7 pm and stayed for an hour. By that time the consultants had run out of feedback forms which they say was the first ever time they didn't bring enough. Fortunately we had grabbed ours on the way in. We looked in the box the completed forms went in and it didn't seem very full so we asked them if it had already been emptied but apparently not so I guess they aren't used to a big turnout at these kind of things. The consultants were very helpful and communicative  and appeared to be listening hard to the various cooments raised - the presentation was a display of the outline plans with a few tables scattered around the room with more copies of the plans. More or less a summary version of those found on the link Michael P included above which was very useful to have in advance. The various points we heard arising were as follows:

1. Several people on the Grange Farm Development appeared to have been told that there would be no further development of Kesgrave when they bought their houses and were somewhat dismayed by this proposal for 300 new homes.
2. The road cutting across the existing Longstrops walk to Millenium Way was of grave concern as that would mean one of the few "safe" areas to walk with children and dogs would no longer be safe. One consultant said access could go somewhere else and another said this access was essential but there could be a subway or a bridge although that would add to the expense! There were plenty of other concerns on access roads.
3. There was concern about a possible rat run through the development and Grange Farm 
4. There was concern about the additional pressure that would be placed on school places
5. No amenities were included in the outline plans and many felt that a tea or coffee shop would be highly desireable as there is nowhere for people to meet in the area
6. Kesgrave Town Council had been given the same presentation an hour before the presentation opened to the public
7. Many felt that the deadline for feedback - 13th February - was unreasonable and that more could have been done to publicise the event around Kesgrave, for example something in Kesgrave News
8. On the plus side, the development appears quite well spaced and we were told that 4 bedroom houses would have 4 parking spaces, 3 bedders - 3. etc, which seems quite generous.

It did appear that the consultants were a little shell shocked by the numbers attending and the very strong and concise points being put across. They now have to go away and consider them before maybe adjusting their plans and then applying to Suffolk Coastal for planning permission. As we understand it, Suffolk Coastal are the decision makers but Kesgrave Town Council have some influence on the decision. It's not to late to comment and the more feedback the better, particularly at this early stage when its easier for the developers to adjust the plans or maybe defer them as they weigh up the possible path of the planning applications.

Many of you already know all this but I thought I would put up what I hope is a factual report for those that don't, particularly as there was quite a lot of Twitter interest last night and I referred people to this page!  
Michael P
I was also told there would be no further development when I bought my house - but of course I have nothing to prove that.
Kesgrave Good Neighbour Scheme

Let's hope that at least some of the messages get through. And just to add to my previous posting, there was a postal address for feedback at the bottom of my form as follows:

Mr Will Lusty, Savills, Unex House, 132-134 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 8PA

They are still some houses  you can buy that will have with uninterrupted views over longstrops.
Heather O
Access into and out of Kesgrave is awful at peak times, if they have to build more houses that an additional road seems necessary I think.
Richard G
Continued abuse of our unspoilt land will continue if those that have an influence fail to act to stop this happening . Grange Farm has spoilt the east side of Ipswich dramatically and continues to effect those that have lived in this area for decades . No more houses - PLEASE
Colin D
I went to the meeting and must admit I am quite shocked at the proposal. I propose no access whatsoever from the new development onto grange farm. I live down st crispins close off of century drive which is already overloaded with traffic at peak times trying to get onto an already overloaded ropes drive. Grange farm is full, no room left! By all means start a new development totally separate from grange farm with its own schools, doctors, access roads etc etc. How about a nice bank the length of grange farm much like the one that shields adastral park from the 12.
I was told that the bank which "shields adastral park from the 12" has nothing to do with the houses. The bank was built to make it easier to change the use of the field from agricultural to industrial and then to residential. I understood that the field is going to be stripped of topsoil to allow sand extraction, thereby turning it into an industrial area and then allowing easier planning permission for residential at a later date.
Colin D
Ah I see and that all takes time.
ks's time for you to ACT NOW!

If you do not want these developments you need to tell that to council/planners...this is what a BIG SOCIETY is...if you don't act together....then the max we will be able to do is write on forums!
Colin D
I have sent my comments. I have strong views on keeping grange farm as it it and have told them so. There are already far more dwellings than originally planned for so apart from a piece of land by the vets as far as I am concerned that's it.... No more. The forum is a useful tool for keeping in touch with kesgrave people and hopefully acting for the good of the community.
we all should send our strong objection to this development...unless we do we will not be heard......we just cannot continue to vote for Councillors who cannot stand for us....
Mary N
The consultation on Wednesday was organised by the developers/agents.  No planning application has yet been received by Suffolk Coastal District Council but in the event that one is lodged, your District Councillors will be strongly representing the views of their residents.
Kesgrave Good Neighbour Scheme
That's as we understood it but thanks for clarifying. Is it "normal" for developers to go straight to the public like that?
Colin D
Thank you Mary for your support
Nat Bocking
Kesgrave Good Neighbour Scheme It's "normal" and very welcome if developers consult with communities before an application but in my experience the consultations are engineered (such as by last minute public announcement) to collect positive rather than negative feedback. I hope the strength of feeling  Kesgrave shows them will continue and will influence the developers. It might not stop the development entirely but it could influence it to be more acceptable and sustainable, such as amending the proposed  road layout. The developers will be giving a great deal of section 106 money to the council, what would you like the developers to provide  the community in return for these houses?
Colin D
Lets not think that far ahead... Lets defend our public open spaces they are part of the appeal of grange farm. A new development has to be that... A self contained new development wherever it may be, in no way having access to grange farm...

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