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Skill to share: Piano and Singing Lessons

Just to let you know that I'm happy to offer my skills in Piano and Singing Lessons to help my neighbours out.


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Philip C
It is a possibility that you might enjoy playing piano duets from time to time
I live in Shadingfield and would enjoy sharing this music is high and dry at present and nobody seems to be able to afford piano lessons.
Get back to me if you are even a tiny bit interested
Phil Copland
Hello Brenda.
i'e suggested tp Phil that it might be a good idea if you and he came along after the New year, had a chat (coffee) here at my home.We all share a common interest.I;'m in Worlingham. Mid morning or afternoon on a Tues. day or Friday would be best for me.Let me know what you think.kind regards . Doris
Alison L
Hello Phil and Doris,

I would love to meet up and play/chat about piano in the new year. I have quite a few duet books that have been gathering dust too Phil so could bring those along. Feel free to private message me on here with details and hopefully we can sort something out.

Best wishes

The more the merrier¬
This invitation includes Brenda A  of course.

Many year ago in kent, my friends would come along at half term with flute/clarinet/cello & whatever and we'd have a day of it:Harry would arrive sometimes at lunchtime to be greeted with'There are some sandwhices for you in the Fridge!:
Someone asked how i kept going since I was the only one who could play the piano:
simply because i enjoyed it.
I was much fitter in those days of course:
no arthritis and muscle problems.
My kind but jokey younger son still occasionally says:
I told him once that i'd live to 90, wear a lace cap and ruffle,get out my Lorgnette, bang my silver topped ebony stick on   the floor an say "Do this!"
"Do that!"
His response?
But you do that already Mum!'     
Can't win sometimes can you?
Brenda A
Hi Friday afternoon suits me.for a get together. visit my old gent in Worlingham on Tuesday afternoons.
Philip C
Friday could be O.k. for a meeting with Doris..Brenda and Alison..but we need an accurate location a definite time and Friday.
A coffe'tea meeting would give us a chance to see if this could be a regular meet.
Phil Copland
I will provide the location with coffee/tea  at my home,
 at present this would be about 3.30. and the first  Friday would be the 11th.
This coming week isn't possible.
I hope this meets with everyone's approval?
Phil has my address and
after the weekend I'll send it to Alison and Brenda privately together with my telephone number. -you may get the answerphone but that;'s O.K. 
I'd say enjoy Sunday but it will no doubt keep raining!
Philip C
Doris[and anyone else to whom it.....]

11thJan..3.30 seems O.K. to me
ar Doris's for tea/coffee..much prefer tea[not Earl Grey]myself.

I can offer you P.G. TipsT Bags, P.G.Tips leaf mixed with Redbush( naturaly decaffeinated leaf tea or Nescafe 
Cappucino A.K.A. 'frothy coffee'!
Philip C

Love PG Tips..Love cuppas[tea]!
Phil C
Alison L
I just have to see if my son can babysit my daughter as she is only 10 and comes out of school at 3.20. If so, then I can come along too :)
Philip C
Surely Alison , Doris would not mind if you met your daughter from school ,and brought her along?After all this is only an intial meeting and should not last too long. I was a former Primary teacher and I know you would feel happier about this .
Phil C
Alison L
If I really am stuck then maybe ,if that is ok with everyone. My son is 16 and (mostly) trustworthy though so will ask him first.

Hello Alison,
Philip just pipped me at the post:I have only just seen your first message.
I was about to say that children are always welcome here.
does she play recorder?
Bring it along!
when we moved here 15 years ago  was talking to a Mother with two small children wearing Barnby Primary School Sweatshirts.
i asked whether they collected tesco Computer Vouchers.
That lead to my spending Friday afternoons for 1/2 and hour with Linda Ashford and her young recorder players.
she took the youngest, I accompanied the more advanced:-0
We played in the school Christmas play and had a great time.
Then - I think it was  a certain Mr.Brown stepped in and free Friday afternoons for the children came to an end:.
I've also been a PlayGroup Supervisor in my time.and a registered childminder if that helps?Doris!
I have just sent a message to 'Nina'
This site keeps adding things to my messages that I have not written.
I have no idea where 'Doris K' came from at the end of my last message.

Maybe it might be best to share our email addresses  and use them to each contact each other privately with copies to each other.
I'm not sure I shall stay on Streetlife, I don't want my private details for everyone to see.That was not expected.
Fine for discovering people with similar interests but as follow ups individual emails to people in the usual way would be my preference.
Would Alison let me have her email address please?
Send me a private email Alison & I'll give you my email address.Doris.
Matthew G
Which private details do you think are visible?  If you share your email address with other members then you're giving away private information which you wouldn't have to share if you communicated via streetlife!
Thank you Matthew-all sorted.
Happy New Year!
Philip C
Am humbly suggesting that we now keep messages simple leaving the talking to the 11th Jan...and let us have a fairly short initial meeting[most have busy lives]..and see what the possibilities for this group are...
maybe Alison's daughter would much prefer to start piano lessons which would extend her musical future far more than recorder and would help her to find our meeting interesting?
Very humbly
Philip Copland
Yes I agree Phil.
Since we are all now connected by email addresses
 perhaps we don't need to continue using streetlife for this this subject.
Properly 'private' messages in fact!
Philip C

If we keep on this site for this topic it becomes very leggy and the meeting will be for an exchange of information anyway....It is most kind of you to [a]initiate the meeting[b]provide the tea and coffee for the meeting

Re Alison's daughter[and of course it is for Alison and her daughter to decide]10 years of age is an excellent time to start'piano'...if the interest and determination are present.
Phil C

P.s.This is an unusual of a number initiated locally ...and does give people chance to talk about unusual topics [but topics ''in common'' ]and is much to be praised
I find Facebook very hard to ACCESS and DEAL a local site makes a
huge change.
Brenda A
Just remember, if it was not for this site we would not be talking to each other.
Who knows we may become good friends
Brenda A
sorry I cant make today, very much under the weather , perhaps next time.
Philip C
Hi Brenda


This has happened to me too.
Am also under the weather
Best Wishes on an early recovery
Philip C

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