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Exhibition Centre for Ipswich?

I know this sounds a daft idea but does anyone think it would be cool to have a large Exhibition Centre in Ipswich where electronics, gaming and other shows could be held? The old sugar beet factory site off Sproughton Road would be fantastic for this with is A14 access! I know London and Birmingham hold all major exhibitions in the UK but surely local events could be held too?


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James M
Absolutely, then we could attract trade shows, fashion shows, larger pop stars etc.
Who's going to pay, though :?
Sentinel R inactive
I think they tried that with the IP-Centre just off of the roundabout on Wherstead Road... think the Councilran it but struggled to get it off the ground...think the building may be used by the college now. Ipswich is well located for this sort of thing really- easy access to stanstead, road and rail.
Not sure who will pay for an exhibition centre in Ipswich James, who pays for other exhibition centres around the UK such as Earls Court and the NEC in Birmingham? I know it would be quite popular though and rake in a fair bit of profit for its owners. Not only does the old sugar beet factory site have A14 access, it even has a railway line passing through it, so for visitors you couldn't find a better site!

I think Ipswich really needs a major attraction like an exhibition centre, we have the Suffolk Show Ground for minor exhibitions, but they are about as exciting as one of those cheap party poppers from Poundland..LOL!
James M
I imagine they are built by consortia of developers, of the sort who did the Ipswich docks development and then didn't finish it.

I was hoping the Snoasis development would start the ball rolling on large investment, but that seems to have hit the skids.

We need a few millionaires to tap into the lack of facilities here.
Yes, I was really looking forward to Snoasis as well, that would have done a lot for our area and created a lot of jobs too.

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