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We are looking for someone who would be willing to have our two dogs with them for one night or maximum of 2 nights on a need to have basis.  We have two bitches.  Both very well behaved and used to cats, we have three !!  This would only be for very occasional nights, as we have never left our dogs but one of our friends has been diagnosed with Leukemia and needs us, well we actually need him as well !!
Is there anyone out there that can help us.  We live in Potter Heigham.
Thank you for reading this ......


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Steve S
Hello Susan,

Not sure if we could help you but may I ask if they are large or small dogs, please?
Susan C
Angel is a golden retriever and Lucy is a unknown Spanish senorita !!! She's little!!!
Angel is 9 Lucy is 5
Well behaved lovely girls. Well I would say that wouldn't I. Lol
Steve S
Hi Susan,

Did you manage to find anyone to help with your dogs?
June H
Susan, I would have loved to offer a temp., home for your dogs, as we lost our little Westie last May, we still do miss her very much, but I had, an operation on my foot last year and, it is still healing, I hope that you find a kind person to look after them for you, all the best June.

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