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Earlsfield Station

Can anyone tell me if they are doing anything at Earlsfield station.  We have had to put up with the inconvenience of walking over the top of the tracks and I've never seen a soul working there.  Can anyone tell me the game plan?  When will the station be ready?  Will I still be alive to use it?  Thanks.


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Lucinda P-J

hehehe, Michele, I saw behind the boarding the other day and I was hoping that now they have taken so much of the road away that it might turn into a drop off area but as you say, no one was actually working!  So no no idea but all I keep thinking is that is can go towards my cardio excercise, oh and how glad I am that my children are now in their 20s and no longer in need of prams!


I asked last week, work is due to finish in September!! Apparently the whole station is being refurbished from the ticket office, to new lifts and canopies. We'll all be very fit by then!

Oliver E

Network Rail seem to have their project planning geared to optimise user annoyance. Demolish the old entrance and ticket office then do nothing for months on end. I very much doubt that those lobbying for the change would have agreed to such a plan.

Lucy S

what i never understood is why they couldn't have put a sign up on the hoarding explaining what was happening and, more to the point, how long it was expected to be.  it was obviously going to be a long time given moving the ticket office and machines to click in, so we wouldn't have been surprised to hear September. 

SickOfCorruption inactive

Sadiq Khan, MP will be delighted to deal with our enquiries.

Lucinda P-J

I wonder if they will have though of a droping off point for cars as it impossible right now

Stephen F

If they September, it's a question of which one.


I thought it was part of the Olympic transport scheme, upgrading the stations. I did take the train into central London regularly, I used the train from Earlsfield just once after the work began and found myself in a fix to get over the bridge; all those steps to go up and down when recovering from a leg operation walking on two crutches was a 30 minute marathon for me!

Now i use the train from Clapham junction if at all and take the bus home. So I for one cannot wait to see the station open again with escalators or lifts to reach the platforms. I was hoping for July 2012 if not earlier but I see from the posts that this will not be. Alas!

Oliver E

I have noticed that there is a perfectly good staircase erected next to the platform which appears to be closed to the public. The staircase seems to lead behind Sainsburys and presumably out to Magdelene Road. As there is no evidence of any building activity on the site, Network Rail might consider this exit as an alternative. I must presume that if it is fit for the builders to use, it would already have the necessary health and safety accreditation in place.


I did look frantically for a way down after I saw the mammoth overbridge, I saw that the gate leadign to the external side stairs going near Sainsbury's, was locked. There were no workers on or around it but I presumed that it was for railway or construction use, I would have preferred to walk down those stairs rather than go up and down the overbridge.

Stephen F

Isn't it time Network rail told us whether that emergency staircase could be used - and if not why not?


And here it is folks!

Now, why the heck don't they just put that on the hoardings? I shall write a stern email to Mr O'Brien and Mr Page...


Actually I saw nothing of the new building as I went past the station yesterday. You can see right down the Sainsbury's buliding and beyond if you look over the fencing that's been put up at the old entrance.

It hardly seems likely to have the new station up and running by summer as described by Network rail. Anyone else share my doubts or know better?

skwerl inactive

has no one noticed the huge concrete lift shaft that was erected last week? They're definitely doing stuff.

Re the exit off platform1. It's an emergency exit and would appear to exit via private ground, i.e through the new flats above Sainsbury, so assume it can't be used for regular foot traffic

andrew h

There is a very big issue around "drop-off points".

At the moment the natural drop off points around the back of Clapham Junction and infront of Clapham South are covered by Wandsworth Council cammeras. Instead of letting people drop off they are keener in issuing remote parking tickets.

I believe the Clapham South one is the biggest grossing traffic camera.....seems little will change therefore.

Vivian B

Andrew H - don't know about Clapham South drop off point, but, at Clapham Junction - Grant Road end - if people get tickets for dropping off by the pedestrian crossing or bus stop, there is a roadway further up towards Plough Road to the right of Grant Road, would mean a little walk but a two minute walk preferable to a fine I would think, and in a two lane street would negate any problems with traffic building up behind the 'dropper', so to speak.  Also - I don't know if the parking area is private or whether people can go in to drop passengers off.  Alternatively, behind the PCS building is the proper drop off point I think, where you can drive straight in and out without getting fined or even park for a period of time - fee payable of course.   There is also the new 'top' entrance which might offer that facility without risking a fine.

Matthew M

Hello, Cllr Matthew Maxwell Scott here.

I have suggested to Network Rail that the station site is something of a ghost town, but at the end of January I was advised that all is, in fact, well, and I have this morning checked with council officers that this remains the case and I am told it does.

The focus of the work to date has been the foundations, Network Rail has completed the demolition work and piling and has poured the floor slab. The new steel work is being erected and work on the cladding underway. Everything - including the lifts - is on course to be completed by June this year.

This seems optimistic but then I'm not a structural engineer. I suspect the improvements we'll notice most of all will be the largely superficial work that will happen right at the end. In the meantime, at least know that improvements will come sooner rather than later, which after many years of our having campaigned for them is very welcome. I also hope people can see the considerable improvements happening to the pavements around the station and under the bridge which the council has done and will complete so by the summer the whole area will be much improved.

I do agree that the temporary overbridge culd be more user friendly. As for drop-off points, there are two options: the newly redone recess parking bays on Garratt Lane on the Earlsfield Road side of the bridge (by the Londis/Major's Chicken/funeral director etc), or on Magdalen Road by Sainsbury's.

I use the station every day (and have an 11-week-old son and understand the buggy issue) so will carry on asking for updates and checking workers aren't on go-slow. If people do have queries please email me at, or get in touch with either of my ward colleagues, Cllr Angela Graham or Cllr Charles McNaught-Davis.


Michele B

Thanks for looking into the matter.  Glad to hear it is on schedule.  I would warn people not to park even for a few seconds near Sainsbury's as my husband did it and got a nice fat ticket.   

The only problem now is to get the lights re phased.  If you drive down Earlsfield Road and plan to turn left onto Garrett Lane it can take four lights some evenings.  The residents around there must despair.  Talk about adding to the terrible London traffic problems.

Anyway sorry to moan but appreciate you checking on the station.  That is good news!!

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