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Car Parking Stowmarket

Difficult time for traders. Why don't the council allow 20 minute free parking in the lay byes in Ipswich St. At the moment if you nip into town to make a quick purchase, newspaper for example costs at least £1 on top of purchase. Very little control at all at the moment. Most people chance it, parking enforcement in these areas very lax. Most annoying is access to sorting office to pick up undelivered mail. Only free parking at the moment is for customers spending £10 at Asda or Morrisons.


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Linda C
yes this is so annoying, often I just want to pick up 1 or 2 items on my way  from work. I usually go to liddel cos they have free parking.
Sharon B
Mid Suffolk district council recently conducted a parking review, I wrote to 160 businesses in town to prepare a report from the town - I had one reply!
Seaspirit C
is it legal to park in  the cycle lane makes fairfirld hill very dangerous 
Trevor C
I have noticed that this is a common occurrence, particularly bad through the old road that runs through the Trimleys at Felixstowe. Would be interesting to get a Police response on this one. By the frequent abuse I would think there is no particular law governing cycle lanes. Possible to consider 'obstruction' which might cover it but difficult to prove.
Harold T
you mention about cars in the cycle lane ,what about the cars parked facing the oncoming traffic on a night time .i once got a ticket for this ,but nobody seems to bother now
Trevor C
You're quite right also in a 30 mph limit with street lights cars parked within 15 yds (may be metres now) of a road junction should be facing right way and displaying  lights. Raised this at a Police Community meeting and was told by a PCSO that it wasn't law but was in the highway code. I didn't argue the point.
Mafia Mumma
If the Highway Code isn't law, what is the point of it?  Is it then not the law to drive at 30 mph in roads with street lights when there is no speed limit sign?   Is it not the law to drive through traffic lights at red?   If the general public find out that the Highway Code is not law, it could cause all sorts of problems!!
Trevor C
The Highway code is a guide and a great deal of the content actual advise on elements that are in the law books, for example speed limits etc. you then have to go to the Act and section for the specific law. Often quoted in cases such as careless driving. If for example you were prosecuted for speeding they would quote the specific act and section, not the highway code. Sorry if I confused anybody.
Robert S
United reform church should get knocked down, land becomes parking area. Happy days, Stowmarket can rejoice at the fact that the town centre is now accessible to vehicles. A few cake sales at United reform church may have to go a miss.
Harold T
sorry Robert but you don't know much about the activities that go on at the URC the hall is used extensively during the week,
Mafia Mumma
Not to mention the fact that it is a thriving Church!
Andrew H
If the town council want to courage trade into the town centre then they are going to have to have a rethink on car park charges.  The centre of Stowmarket will be like a ghost town if something isn't done soon.
Angela B
What activities are happening in the URC, I am relatively new to stowmarket and are looking for things to do and meet people.
Andrew H
Hi Angela B
Welcome to stowmarket.  If you like ballroom dancing there are two one based at old newton and one based in stowupland.
There is a table tennis club based at stowupland school.
The local cinema is pretty good with lots of special offers
there are salsa dancing lessons at haughley or you could settle down at home in the evening  and read one of my short stories :-)
Seaspirit C
we have a history club, based at the salvation army, the U3A is based at the URC,  look up clubbing together, seems to be an abandoned site but has a lot of the local clubs listed on there. we are always pleased to get helpers at the monday club and Target club based at the crown street center and of course the carnival needs helpers. there are two country and western clubs one in claydon, forget where the other one is, there's the snooker club, football club rugby club and the british legion puts on a good program.
the U3A  has a lot of linked clubs of interest including crafts, outings, history,
Mafia Mumma
Also there is the Stowmarket and District Flower Club - you don't have to be an expert flower arranger, but come to some of our meetings, and you can watch some experts at work and then go home and try it yourself.
Malc B
Hi Angela B.
If you go to it will give you all the details of classes and dances in and around the local area. Salsa classes and ballroom are avalailable.
I'm with Dancesocial
Angela B
Hello there, thank you for all the good tips you have given, I will look into them :)

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