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Eight's A Wish - Beautiful Festive Charlie Bear Window Display!

What a beautiful festive window display they have this year. All the Charlie Bears have been dressed up in a nativity scene with cloaks and gold crowns. Must be a strong contender for this year’s window display prize. My wife has 2 Charlie Bears, one bought on line and one from this shop. I can spot "Michael" and "Wiliam" bears (they are the shepherds in the window). Charlie Bears are incredibly well made and rather like the bears of old with soft luxurious fur and moving joints, adorable Xmas prezzies!


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Robin F inactive
I hope they don't sell the baby Jesus in the window, a shepherd or two might be expendable.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Thanks for posting this - Mr Seagull and I off work today (not due to floods) so we went and had a look.

Lovely window, with a lot of thought put in to it.  The best window I have seen for a long time with the Christmas message too.
Robin F inactive
Delighted  that  you enjoyed it too.  I loved the "flying" Charlie Bear Angel, so clever.
Anne V inactive
I was amazed by that Charlie Bear angel, too, Robin...  Until I saw the baby Jesus one and all the others pale into the background!!!  A nativity scene just as it should be! :))
Henry H inactive
yep it;s nice - I hope it wins the competition for the best window display.

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