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New Mobile Phones - (personal) advice please!


I am overdue for an upgrade on my HTC Wildfire (- I will never buy an HTC again!) and would love to hear from you as to your RECOMMENDED mobile phones.

I am quite keen on the new Motorola, (and maybe the new Nokia Lumia), the iPhone is out of my budget, and the new Samsung III is MUCH too big!

Any recommendations, advice or suggestions will be extremely welcome!

Many thanks, and regards,


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Hugh J
Linux Format magazine highly recommend the Google Nexus 4. Price £240.00. See & Linux Format magazine, issue LXF167, Feb. 2013, page 27.

I hope this information is helpful.
Rosemary O
I think it depends on what you use it for really.  Being an 'oldie' I only wanted texting, phone and occasional internet.  But I wanted a nice clear easy to read screen I could see without me reading specs.  Galaxy Ace (Samsung) has loads of stuff I don't use (yet!!) but fulfills my original requirement extremely well.  It is quite a big touch screen but crystal clear and easy to use - texting is brilliant and fun to use.  I love it, but as I said, it depends on what your sort of usage is.
Charlie (chimpo)
Nokia have always served me well, i have the Nokia Luma 800 and i'M well impressed, yet again.. Hopes ye joins the Nokia
Captain Carrot
i upgraded from an Iphone4 to the Samsung S3 LTE and i have to say its the best move ever. The size thing you really dont notice after the first few days of using it and strangely when you look at other phones they seem way too small now! If you really can't bring yourself to try the palm sized phone Samsung have or are about to re-release the S3 in a more friendly standard phone size.
Hugo J, Thank you for that, but I am looking at people's own PERSONAL views, as they never tell you on the "official websites", etc, about the little things that happen when you buy a phone yourself, and things go wrong, and the after-sales service is diabolical, etc.  Thanks anyway.  I WILL look into the Nexus 4.

Rosemary O, Thank you, but I think the memory and battery is perhaps not enough for me, (according to reviews). Thanks anyway.

Charlie (chimpo), Yes, my first ever mobile phone was a Nokia, and probably one of the best for the time.  I am also looking at the new Nokia Lumia, and whilst most of the reviews are really good, I am unsure about the Windows thing, (although I am sure that will be fine too).  It is one of my top four, for the moment.  Thank you.

Captain Carrot, Thank you for your post.  I was set on getting the Samsung S3 the other day, when I went into the EEE shop in Exeter, but when I saw the size of it, it reminded me of the "old bricks" we used to carry about, about ten years ago, and it is much too big for my bag or pocket, so that one's out.  (I did look, immediately, for the Samsung 3 "mini" - could not believe the mini was about the same size of most standards phones, or bigger, so I'm afraid that is out too.  Thanks anyway.
Nick M
I've had Nokias ever since I first had a mobile phone and have just got the Lumia 800.  I'm just about ready to chuck it into the river!  :-(
I know I'm a dunce with technology but I just can't get my head round this phone.  Can't get music on to it to use as ringtones, can't work out how to put the same reminder on it for every three days, can't turn pictures round - I'm really fed up with it.  Should never have bothered to upgrade (I'm on contract, as I have been ever since I had a mobile.
Having said all that, it's probably me, cos all my previous Nokia phones have been wonderful.
Hi Nick M

Thanks for your post.  I don't need it for music, games, etc, and I am looking at the latest model - I think it is a Lumia 920, or similar, so maybe that has improved(?).

I wish you could go into a mobile phone shop these days and they would tell you the truth about phones, and then there wouldn't be this great headache!
Peter D
Last May I bought the Samsung S3.  It may seem large at first, but it's lovely to use.  It's the best mobile phone I have ever bought.
You will have no problems reading the display, and you can rotate the text from portrait to landscape.
I love the ring tones, and have organised my contacts into categories with different ring tones.
I use the phone for keeping in contact with my work colleagues most of the time.
I love the Task Manager, and use it all the time, arranging my busy work schedules.
I do miss the previous alarm facility, where you could switch off the phone over night and it would wake you up.  With this phone, you have to use the flight mode, if you want to use the alarm to wake you up.
I find it necessary to recharge the phone every one or two days.
The phone is packed with lots of useful applications: -
Alarm, schedules, messenger, email, internet, calculator, two cameras, clock, radio, satnav, games hub, music hub, video hub.  There are hundreds of applications available.
You can install your own music, or download music.
You can watch films. make movies, do voice recordings, and much more.
You can play games.
It might be limited by our imagination.
Being an android phone, there are so many applications available, and many of these are free.
The phone is a good companion to me, and when you have time on your hands, you can always find something to do on the phone.
You can also use office programs.
You can also expand the memory.

From Peter D'Silva.
Tom E
I have just recently got a Samsung S111 Mini. Much superior to my previous HTC Wildfire. The Samsung was  free issue with a Talk Mobile  2 year contract for £15/ month. ..
Thank you Peter and Tom. Yes, I went into the EE shop in Exeter ready to buy a Samsung SIII, and cld not believe their size! I thought it was a tablet first! Much too big for a phone pocket, hand or clothes pocket, I'm afraid. I did look at the SIII Mini - good size by not quite as many/high enough features for my needs.
Have now debated between the Motorola Razr i and the iPhone 4. The iPhone hs now won over pricing of bundles, being on spec offer with them, otherwise the Razr wld hv pipped it.
Thank you all - job done!
Smiler, i think you will be very pleased with your Iphone 4, I know I am. It has alot of useful applications & has a nice clear reading screen, I personally dont think you can fault it. Have fun with it. Any help with it I will do my best!

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