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The Seven Kings Dove !

Is it just me or has the giant bird decoration outside Seven kings station grown on anyone else  ?
Will you be pleased to see it go or do you want it to stay ?


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Lizzie D
I realised I've been walking past it every day without noticing it's still there. Not as conspicous when it's not lit up!
Wonder when it will be taken down.
Jill B
I really like the dove - altho I missed having a Christmas tree at first.  No other place in the borough had such attractive Xmas decorations.  I also quite like the religious symbols.  Did I imagine that the cross was lit up on Sunday, will the other symbols be lit up on relevant religious days?   I think the combination of the dove and the symbols gives Seven Kings a sort of panache.  The Seven Kings Dove has a ring to it - may go down in local history!!
Desmond G
Totally agree with Jill. Attractive and unique - gets my vote. Credit to the council.
It was good that they disn't chicken out of the mainstream religious meaning completely.
Not a fan of the Dove or the other symbols. It was Christmas, and so there should have been a Christmas Tree. When there are other religious festivals taking place, we don't try to alter them at all or try to have our Christian symbols/traditions included. Felt there was no respect for Christmas at all to be honest. Another erosion of our traditions (introduced over 150 years ago, obliterated after one meeting of Redbridge Councillors and some local people....nice - not)
I was going to compare with the symbol usually erected at Gants Hill, to celebrate, I believe, a minor Jewish festival that happens to almost coincide with Christmas.  But, presumably, that is paid for by the local Jewish community.  Did the Seven Kings Christian community ask to erect a tree, and to pay for it?
Desmond G
I'm a Catholic and I'm proud to say we had two giant trees at mass on Christmas day. I had a lovely tree at home too as did a number of my neighbours. Yes I agree Christmas should still be recognised and also celebrated. However its amazing how many people talk about Christianity yet fail to support their local churches and communities all year round but pop up on Christmas day. I'm happy with the dove though and the mix of other symbols. I live in Ilford and drink in Seven Kings as I have
done for many years and walked past the dove on Christmas Day with a smile on my face.
Bernadette B
I thought the Dove strange when I first saw it as it was so big, however it has grown on me, I like it and the dove will last longer then a tree.  The cost of those trees, lights and good old H&S does not warrent the cost. I am sure the Dove, if taken down could be reused next year (oh this year)!

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