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Mature Drivers - To Drive or Not To Drive ?

This is not an advert. I am full until the New Year :) I often carry out driving assessments for mature drivers who approach me concerned about their ability to keep driving or not. Sometimes they just need a chat or for me to give them some reassurance or answer some questions for them. It is a serious matter and one that may concern relatives and friends. Maintaining that independence (driving) is undertandably very important. I am happy to give advice and guidance on this forum. There are also many good local driving schools who I am sure would do the same if approached.


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Pining Lass
I think the decision as to when to stop driving is very difficult. My Dad decided at 70 he wasn't going to drive anymore but he didn't use his car very much by then anyway, he liked to walk and take the bus so he could sample real ales!

I don't know how I will handle it when the time comes but I think I will know when I'm starting to be a danger as I am very critical (both positive and negative) about my driving .... and my husband's :-)

I think he'll probably give up driving when he can't stand the 'driving instructor like' comments anymore. (Watch that cyclist/ there is a car coming out of that junction ahead/ease off, you are driving too close!!) But he did an advanced driver's course once and passed whereas I have never done so; so what do I know :-)

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