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Airport Park and Ride

Does anyone else feel what a shame it is that the Park and Ride buildings at the airport are locked?
What about the people who travel from North Norfolk and cannot access the toilets?
Why has no one suggested volunteers to do rotas, so as to keep the toilets open.  I believe there is a shop in Norfolk which is kept open with the use of volunteers, so why not the Park and Ride building through this times of recession.
When it is cold and the wind is blowing, I know people have said they wished they could shelter in the building.
Does anyone have any other ideas about this?


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Sarah V inactive
Ordinary bus users shiver and get wet when waiting at bus stops, and there is never a facility like toilets.  If there is be shelter for Park n Ride users then please consider all the other bus users as well.  Now car users know what it is like for those that do not have cars.
Celia W
Don't think this is a tit for tat situation but there should be public facilities for all!  The park and ride buildings are now a white elephant but perhaps as suggested such facilities provided for all could be staffed by volunteers on a shift basis?  Maybe users in their spare time could volunteer.  Hows about it Sarah V. ?
Sarah V inactive
I have MS and I am in a wheelchair so volunteering is impossibe for me.  How about you, Celia?
Celia W
Have done much voluntary work over the years Sarah.  I am in a health quandry too, physically and suffer from the fear of stepping outside of the home, among other nervous disorders.  At the moment been quite poorly physically and undergoing tests but am endeavouring to help myself reach out.  I understand how difficult life can be for wheelchair users.  I cared for my partner who was confined to a wheelchair and facilities need to be provided for those of us less naturally mobile, like yourself.  If ever you have a need that I can help with do call upon me, you never know, we may become friends.  I think that would be nice but I suspect you would find younger company more desirable.  We all moan far too much about things in general but forget the plucky people such as yourself.  I wish you well and will sign any Petition you may start up for more widespread public amenenties.  Kind regards, Celia

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