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Temporary room to rent...

I have a very nice Spanish friend (male, 34yrs) who has come to Norwich to learn English for 5 months. He's looking to rent a room in a house with other English speakers, from now, somewhere not too far from the city. A great opportunity for cultural exchange! If someone could help we would very much appreciate it. Thanks!


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James P
Have a spare room 10 to 15 mins walk to the city centre if  that's any good.
Liz B
I have a friend with a room to tent in Onley St, just off the Unthank Road. He could do meals, too, if wanted. Five on a bus to the City Centre, ten to fifteen if you ealk.
Claire C
Has your friend found a room yet? If not, I have a spare room in Newton Flotman.
Claire ☺
Claire C
Could someone please let me know how to upload my photo onto this site? Thanks ☺
Click to add attachment, in blue on left at bottom opposite post.
Susan H
I don,t have a room but can speak some Spanish , when he needs a haircut as set up and had a very successful Salon in Spain for 4 Years !  He might  find it  helpful.  FresHair, 33A Avenue Road, NR2 3HN. Tel 01603 621854.
Simeon J
Whenever you post something like this, please could you make it clear whether you have a spare room AVAILABLE, or whether a spare room is WANTED.  It will reduce the chances of people clicking through and then finding that it is the other.
Jessica M
Thanks all - my friend has found somewhere now. 
Claire C
Thanks for the photo upload tips. Unfortunately mine uploaded sideways but I suppose it's better than nothing!
Heather Enid W
Claire, we all thought that was very arty on your part!
Claire C
Well obviously I was going for an original look... ☺
Celia W
Can tell you are good with people Claire and love your sense of humour too!  Hope to share more of it with you my new friend.  :-)

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