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Garage Sale

Hi...I have only lived in Wymondham a few years so this could already happen without me knowing but would anyone be interested in doing a Garage sale? I know that Hethersett does it on a certain day of the year where everyone opens their garage/gardens up and sells all the stuff that isn't wanted anymore. Just like a car boot sale but conveniently in your garden! I know that I would love to do this and also wander myself to other places that would be doing it? Perhaps a weekend of it so that people can choose either the Saturday or the Sunday? One mans junk is another mans treasure and all that??
What are people's thoughts? Is be more than happy to promote it.


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Tony V
Hi Dani G

We have already started the process in North Wymondham with a Neighbourhood Driveway Sale last bank Holiday Monday, the indoor version of which will be a Table Top sale in the North Wymondham Community Centre on Sunday 10 Feb from 11.00am - 3.00pm.

Why not call in and say hello and we can chat about arranging another outdoor sale day in the Spring.
Dani G
Ah ok I'm on Bellrope Lane is that classed as North? Did you have to get permission from anyone and was it very successful?
Tony V
There is no official boundary as fair as the wider community is concerned.

The Table Top sale is open to anyone as a customer.

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