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Free Christmas Event:Sunday, November 25 2012

Hi All

We are holding a  FREE Christmas Fair next sunday in Holloway and are looking for people
to  help cook Vegan food and  bring  along a dish to share.
The event will start at 10am and end at 4pm

There will hopefully be treatments available too, but as it is all voluntary, this may change!
If you are a therapist who wishes to spread some seasonal love and goodwill, please let us know if you are able to offer your  services. You can be there for as little or as long as you like. 

A give and take will also be set up so you can donate any good quality unwanted items such as clothes, books toys,unwanted gifts and small electrical items .A give and take is a way for people to find homes for good quality reusable items they no longer want.
If you have any items you would like to donate please let us know.
You do not have to give to take anything.
We will be hoping to show some eco films like Forks over Knives, The Story of Stuff and maybe No Impact Man (does anyone have this on DVD they could lend us for the day.

If anyone can help with vegan food,holistic treatments or items for the give and take please let us know.
Do you have skills that you would like to share?Would you like to donate and be a giver?All offered of help are gretaly appreciated.I hope many of you can make it and enjoy a great day meeting each other and sharing.

Thanks Everyone


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Sounds great! But who is "we" :)
Shannon S
Hi John

Apologies the two organisers of the event
And is the event supporting a cause or organisation? Or just for the community?
Shannon S
Hi John

The event is for everyone in the community.It is inspired by the  justfortheloveofit
The Freeconomy Community's aim is to help reconnect people in their local communities through the simple act of sharing.
Charlotte A
Hi, this sounds like a great event to bring the community together. Where will it be happening in holloway? Thanks!
Shannon S
Hi Charlotte A

I'll be posting that information abit later as we have loads of people coming but not that many
offering to help which is a bit of a shame  so are trying to find more helpers.
Rebecca B
Hi John I am a trainee journalist and interested in doing a story for a local radio station on this free christmas event, would you be able to tell me a bit more about the event? Is everything free? what are the names of the people who are in charge? Is there a link to the event somewhere? I've gone on the but can't see anything on this event on 25th November. Thanks
Hi Rebecca B

I've sent you  a private message about the event as John was asking me questions about it as i'm the one who posted about it and
am involved in helping to organise it
Charlotte A
Hi, could you also forward me any information - names of people involved in event, whose idea was it etc. I am hoping to come along and do some filming on Sunday for a local website. Many thanks and hope youi get lots of people who want to help with the event, would be great.

Charlotte Allen
Hi Charlotte A

i've sent you another private email with my direct email address can you please email me on that please.

Deirdre W
What is the address of the event , I have a few things to donate
Hi Deirdre W

That's great we really appreciate it.I've sent you a private message.
Where exactly is the event taking place? I work as an Acupuncturist, massage therapist and Yoga teacher in the local area am able to pop down in the afternoon to offer lifestyle and dietary advice and Indian head massages.  Just wanted to check the event is inside?
Linda G
Hi Naomi 

That's fantastic what a talented person you are.Yes the event is inside Naomi i've sent you a private 
Jenny L
wish I lived in Holloway area, might pop along anyway. Freeconomy sounds really interesting, thanks for the info Jx
Linda G
Hi Jenny L

I'm not sure if you did pop along yesterday but if you did i hope you enjoyed it.
It was a lovely event and we all had a great time.
Yes Freeconomy is  great its's all about people sharing their time,skills,things etc with each other without
money doing it justfortheloveofit.
Deirdre W
Yes I came about lunch time, and brought the boots, books and shirt, so hope they fit someone . I gave a card to the head teacher, let me know and next time I could do Indian head massage , best from Deirdre
Jenny L
thanks Linda G, I was too whacked but keep us informed of anything similar please
Linda G
Hi Jenny i hope you manged to get a bit of a rest ( maybe catch up on some much needed sleep)
yes i'll certainly keep you informed of any similar events.The school were delighted with how the event went and are keen to do more in the future so i will keep you all posted
Linda G
Hi Deirde it was great that you were able to make it and thank-you for bringing the boots,books and shirts that was very kind of you and they were gratefully taken by those that attended thank-you very much we really appreciate it DeirdeAs the school were very happy with how it went and are interested in putting on more events in the future your offer of indian head massage at any future events would be fantastic thank-you very much. It was great to get the community together to share food,skills,films and treatments all for free justfortheloveof it .

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