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Ashmount School: farewell to the Ashmount Road site

Ashmount School is moving from Ashmount Road N19 ten minutes walk down Hornsey lane to Crouch Hill Park N8. The school will be on the new site in the new year. 

 Saturday 17th November 12- 4 
 Ashmount says Goodbye. It's shaping up to be an afternoon to remember as we look forward to welcoming staff, pupils, parents, friends past and present to share memories and celebrate 55 years of Ashmount School at Ashmount Road. We've got entertainment from our music teachers' Jazz Band, the fabulous Mr Marvel and from 2.30 'The Sounds of Ashmount' as our children take centre stage and perform for us from Nursery to Year 6 with a fabulous finale that will leave us all teary eyed! So make sure that you have the date in your diary - flyers and posters will be sent out soon, but in the meantime if you know anyone who has been associated with Ashmount then make sure they know to come along.

Ashmount PTA
I'm with Crouch Hill Park


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Thanks David B - Google maps needs to be updated as it's not showing Crouch Hill Park N8. Can you tell me if the attached map is accurate and I'll contact Google?
David B
Now there IS a useful resource; someone who knows how to get Google maps altered....

On the attached map there is a brown patch which (you I presume) have labeled "Crouch Hill Park?". In fact Crouch Hill Park is rather larger than that. if you look to the South West of that patch you will see the "Crouch Hill Recreation centre" is marked. It is the Crouch Hill Recreation Centre (The old, derelict, building having been demolished) that is being replaced by Ashmount Primary School and Bowlers' Nursery. I would have thought that probably the esiest change to get Google to make is just to change "Crouch Hill Recreation Centre" to "Ashmount Primary School" and add "Bowlers' Nursery" slightly to the south.
I'm with Crouch Hill Park
It can take a long time to get it changed, but is very worthwhile.

Should Crouch Hill Park be marked as a park - ie in green? If so I will have to contact another mapping company which Google uses for elements of its maps.

With regards to the buildings, as these are not claimed as a "local business listing" it will take longer to get this changed, but I will make the requests. Please let me know about the shading of the park.

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