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Parts of South Ilford now even more dirty looking

Has anyone noticed just how filthy parts of South Ilford have gotten recently? Our pavements are coated in dog excrement, plenty of vomit, used condom and rubbish. Every day I find myself playing hop scotch as I walk along the pavements. In the last 3 days I have counted 2 dead rats. The first was squashed in the road  and the second one had been trodden to death by the crowds of people running to Seven Kings  station. I would appreciate any person's views on this subject.


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Lizzie D
We have done articles on the situation in the Ilford Recorder because the council has recently halved the number of sweeps in the area. Here is the most recent one:
I can only recommend contacting one of your ward councillors to ask them to bring up the issue.
Linda H
It seems that a lot of areas are getting the same, I was doing the same yesterday zig zagging on the walk way to avoid the dog mess, the man who drives the street cleaner truck was round yesterday morning before the dustmen but the walk ways do not get cleaned, its actually better to walk in the road. I do not blame the street cleaner people should pick up after their dogs, I have looked out to see who is walking down here with dogs but never seem to see anyone, maybe its really late at night. I do on occasion go out with a bucket of disinfectant and the yard broom and wash the walk way but I cannot do the whole road.
Debbie F
Thanks for your reply Lizzie. I have just read your article in the Ilford Recorder. Contacting a ward councillor in my area would be a good start, however what I am talking about has been going on for some time in my ward and surrounding areas.  I could give many examples but will only give two. The first is that, as far back as 10 years ago my road was only swept every 8 weeks by road sweepers. This was long before cuts were imposed. The second is that some of the rubbish around is caused by people who do not even live in the area. For example a small minority of people who use the shops, pubs, clubs and restaurants in the area as well as those who fill their cars with their rubbish and dump them in the area rather than driving to Jenkins Lane or Chigwell rubbish tips. 

If the council has recently halved the number of sweeps in the area things are obviously going to get a lot worst. I will be contacting one of my ward councillors and will be giving an update.
Debbie F
Yes I do agree with you there Linda.  I too find myself going out with a bucket of disinfectant and a yard broom, but like you say you can not do the whole road or the surrounding roads. I often watch the dog walkers walking their dogs who make their mess. When I have said to them "Aren't you going to clean up after your dog" I get ignored or verbally abused. You used to be able to ring the council and they came out 24 hours later to remove the mess. It is always too late by then. I notice that the road sweepers have never cleaned up dogs mess and I don't blame them either.
Linda H
It makes you feel like following them home and putting it on their doorstep.
Debbie F
Yes I know what you mean Linda. However if anyone did that they will be held to be in the wrong and committing an offence rather than the irresponsible dog walker. I feel like that when I see people sitting outside my house eating their takeaways and drinking their drinks and then throwing their rubbish out of their car window onto my off street parking spot. There is no point in me taking the car registration number to complain to the council as it can't be proved just like the dog mess.
Linda H
It also does not always work if you ask politely for them to stop, some years ago a group of teenage boys were throwing conkers at mine and my neighbours windows, I went out to them an just said to stop throwing conkers at the windows I did not shout or swear at them or display any aggression, they denied doing it although I saw them  I just went back indoors, The next evening I had just shut the curtains when there was an almighty crash a lump of concrete had been thrown threw my lounge window, although I never saw who did it it seemed to much of a coincidence that the evening before I had words with some young boys.
Harold M
I suggest that you contact the Cabinet Member responsible who is

Cllr Nolan and her email address is Cllr Nolan at redbridge.,gov. uk,
Matt G
You can still report it using and although it might not solve the problem it will mean the Council is aware of the number of incidents and therefore a case could be made to increase resources. You should also contact you local Councillor and tell them about these issues, do you know what ward you live in? Alternatively email me dirtystreets at
Seven Kings C
I completely understand your woes Debbie F! I would recommend attending an area 5 meeting and raising the issue.

Kind regards,

The Seven Kings Conservative Association
Jill B
Yes, it is terrible but I remember a time when we didn't even have our street cleaners.  We can all help by picking up stray cans etc outside our house and recycling.
Linda H
I do agree with picking some litter up but around here it is complete old double beds and three piece suites being left on the pavements. This is in Dagenham by the way, And the council tell you not to put your wheelie bin on the pavement as you could get a fine, I have no choice but to put it outside the garden as I share a path with two other neighbours so If we all put our bins on the path we would have to climb over the hedges to get in or out, if we leave them by our front doors they do not get emptied.
Pam D
This does all sound horrendous but really - have you visited Barking lately - there are mattresses all over the place, furniture, dumped bags of rubbish - you name it, it's on the streets.

To be fair, once reported to the council it does get picked up quite quickly but what on earth are these people thinking of by dumping it in the first place?
Maria W
After reading the comments above, regarding all sorts of rubbish/litter etc., it reminded me of the time we were at our holiday chalet, in Leysdown. The family from two doors away, a right tough lot, watched as their dog poo'd on the grass in front of our door, where our very young children were playing. My sister, Dilys, herself strong-minded and feisty, called out for them to come and clear their dog's mess up. The mother just sneered at her & said, "Clear it up yourself!"
With that, Dilys went inside to get a dustpan. She came out, scooped up the pile of mess, walked along to the neigbours door and threw the whole pile into their kitchen with the words, "Your mess! You can have it!" before calmly walking back to her deckchair & picking up her book.
 We all held our breath, waiting for fireworks but the neighbouring family were so shocked that someone had stood up to them they didn't retaliate at all. It was a priceless moment and one that is often recounted when remembering my  sister who, sadly, passed away last year. xx
Lesley S
good for dilys. my friend had the same man with a dog walk down her street every morning and the dog messed outside her door. the man then pulled the dog away and went home. so one day my friend scooped it up on a shovel and followed the man home. as he opened his door she threw the mess in his passage. he never said a word. nor did he let his dog mess outside her door again. its seems the only way to treat filthy people is to do the same back to them x

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