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Hi iv just been told I need some glow plugs replaced on my kia Sedona. Does anyone know of a good garage that won't rip me off and does good work? Many thanks


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I usually use Autofit, Brittania Road, you could phone them for a quote first. You could try local Kia dealer, but I dont know who they are.
Jackie E
I would recommend Autofit also. Great bunch of lads and very fair prices, no rip off labour fees.
Elaine D
Deben Motors(Tower Mill Lane) garage is excellent, they will give you a quote for the work first, and
they don't do jobs that are not required. We had a free MOT with Quik Fit as part of our insurance deal, Quik Fit advised work to be done, and Deben Motors could have made a fast buck by doing it, but said it wasn't needed. Excellent work!
Todd M
I always use HF Autos on St Helen's St. They're consistent in providing a good service, pricing is very fair, and they're all nice people.
Jo B
Many thanks will call them and ask for a quote, it's good to hear that there are good garages out there.
Thank you

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