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bit weird request

I understand that my introduction request may seem a tad bizarre, and I hope that I will not be judged by this - as am completely normal really! I belong to the local Walcott Warblers group who put on charity shows for community entertainment - we have another show coming up on April 19th & 20th in Walcott village hall, and I need to find a resource for a particular  a comedy number where Paul (hairdresser in Bacton) plays Dolly Parton - for adding to fun factor I need a pair of inflatable boobs! - ones which will pump up as song goes on. Can't  find any online - has anybody got any ideas where we can acquire these - or should any budding inventors out there like to make us a pair?
With my apologies and thanks


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Rodger S
Guessing eBay might be your easiest bet....
Good luck and remember to get a big bike pump to blow them up!!!
Lesley D
No idea, but loved your post. It made me laugh thinking of the comedy number. Would be great to come to the show please post details of tickets. Good luck with the boobs!
Paula B
try somewhere like martins in regent road gt yarmouth they might have what you are looking for,or maybe know where you can find said product, hope this helps
Jean M
what's wrong with balloons, they can be popped too, what fun!
Sheila M
thank you all for your useful comments- show dates are now set for Walcott village hall on 19th & 20th April - will let you know when tickets on sale, probably around last week in March.
Lesley D
Have you solved the boob problem yet?!!!
Sheila M
well Lesley, as we know, boobs are an ongoing problem at the best of times - in this instance the difficulty lies with the need to increase gradual inflation rather than instant effect. So far I'm going with Rodger S: hiding round the back of the dame with a strong bicycle pump on each!!
Watch this space for ongoing 'project Dolly boobs' !!
Actually just had our second show resource meeting tonight and I cannot reveal the other aspects of our musical country show - but for just  £4 a ticket, and you bring your own moonshine, these evenings are pretty well guaranteed a good bang for your bucks.
Lesley D
Well Sheila, I have to agree with you about the ongoing problem especially in later years. Show sounds a lot of fun and we'll definitely come and bring friends plus loads of moonshine! On the other hand if you want any more talent to make fools of themselves I'm up for it. Have recently moved to this area after 8 years in Australia so still getting to know people. You up for a coffee sometime?
Sheila M
Hey ho Lesley - why not come down the road to Walcott village hall on Tuesday afternoons 2.30-4pm where they hold 'Cafe Chat'  - a small group of locals having a cupper and a bickie and general gossip. The hall also runs a few ladies groups of general sewing projects and patchwork courses, and trying to set up a beginners course in pilates for Friday evenings.

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