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Does anyone know when \ if Vodafone ( opp G Y market) is going to reopen. I know this may please a lot of streetlife users, but my dongle will need topping up soon and if I can't find another outlet I'll not be able to add my twopenneth worth.


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Tony S
Didn't know it was shut.....Could you not do it over the phone to Vodaphone?
Gary J
Have you tried Fonehouse on Beccles Road - Bradwell.
Obviously its a pay as you go dongle, I may be able to help as I have a Telecom franchise which deals in mobile broad band as well as fixed line. I might be able to offer you a deal on a contract which will be better value than PAYG.
You can contact me through my electrical website if you are interested, via contact page or call any of the numbers on the first page.
I'm with Arc Electrical
Pauline S
hi can you not top it up at the shops that top up mobile phones like londis or coop shops in Cobholm
June H
I've got a Vodaphone dongle and I just buy a top up voucher from Boots, it has to be a minimum of £15. Most retailers, supermarkets, small local shops etc sell top up vouchers..

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