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Can anyone help me.  I bought a freezer (second hand) which as stopped working.  I have been told they will refund the money but first they have to have the freezer in the shop. 
My problem is I have half a freezer full of food and nowhere to put it, what I really want is a freezer, prefer upright and you must be able to deliver it.
We can come to some arrangement for freezer and trouble but I need a very quick result.  I have tried every shop in Great yarmouth but they cannot deliver quickly.


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Delphine W

I know there is a secondhand furniture shop in Baker Street Gorleston you may want to try them
Pauline S
Hi there was a shop called York Hardware its off st peters rd Great Yarmouth the other side of the church  i think or next rd up. we got second hand one there, and its going great.
Linda W
Thank you for your comments.  I would like to thank my friend who not only offered a couple of drawers in her freezer but also drove down to collect them.  Thanks Hilary, your a mate.
I just want to comment about the standard of service in one of our appliance shops is it any wonder they are going bust if not only can they not provide a good standard of service but also have a communication problem.
On entering they could not stop telling me about what good deals they had.  But when I asked if they could deliver the next day got a blank look and walked away.
I went on the internet to a site called appliance direct where the freezers were not much more expensive than the second hand ones and for an extra £9.99 offered next day delivery and delivery is free in 2-4 days.
I would really like to support all local businesses but when there are examples like this it is impossible.

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