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My name is Alan I live in Brandon, should you have any problems with your Computer/Laptop, dont hesitate to give me a call, I can help with repairs, maintenance, Upgrades, & Custom builds.
Or just some general help and advice.
Very reasonably priced,

Call 01842 814035 or Mobile 07983 621 055.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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Terry D
I have an old laptop computer but the battery is dead. Can a new one be obtained and what would be the price?
Alan C
Hi Terry, there is no problem getting a battery for your laptop. I would need to know make & model to be able to give you a price
Sam G
I had a problem with my laptop - wouldn't start up. Got AC PC to come out and have a look and now it's all fixed. Great service and great price. Highly recommended! Thank you
Fred W
have also used alan recommended
Stan H
Yes Alan of AC PC repair, is great lad. Fixed my PC when it was virused and dead.  Use him with confidence.
Jean H inactive
Have just won a lap top Alan came round to set it up and help me to use it.He has been so helpfull and patient.

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