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southtown stolen wheelchair

my wheelchair  black/grey  except footplates which were silver with one bent at an angle  (the usual  wheelchair type small wheels front and large at the back so i could push myself ) was stolen from my front garden just before christmas and although i dont use it as much as i did and especialy in this weather im still stuck without it when my hips and legs give me trouble,,it was usualey kept in the back garden or our hallway but due to circumstances i had to leave it hidden behind our bins but someone must have spotted it,,it belongs to the james pajet and wether i can get a replacment i dont know but if you see one up an alley or just some where not being used i would be grateful to have it back please,


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Jane S
People take anything that's not chained up these days.
Barbie C
ooh little horrors! When I lived in Southtown someone stole a little plant! crazy!
Raymond P
i dont think it was little horrors i think it more likley big ones as it would have turned up by now if it was kids playing with it,ive reported it but theres little to destiguish one wheelchair from onther,so i will have to go back to the paget as they are specialy made to size,the only thing that was differant was the silver footplate on one side was stuck at an angle,thanks everyone anyway ray.p

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