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Rug Doctor

Has anyone hired the Rug Doctor carpet shampooer from Morrisons?  If so, is it easy to use and how effective is it?


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David L
yeah they really easy to use and if used the right way works great.
downside very noisy and if you on electric meter a monster on electric eats through it like there no tomorrow. 

would suggest if there some real bad bits to be cleaned buy some cheap carpet cleaner and scrub them bits first as if you buy all the other rug doctor products they suggest it add up high
Stella H
Thanks David, will sort out hiring it then.  Thanks for the tips.
Sophie L
Just a tip if you're going to get a Rug Doctor -when you hire it you get it for 24hrs but as B&Q (possibly Morrisons too?) have to close on Easter Sunday, if you hire it on the Saturday you pay for 24hrs but you get to keep it until the Monday! So, if you have a friend who wants a Rug Doctor too you can share the cost but still get it for a whole day each. X
Wendy M
I've used the rog doc for years and it brings carpets up like new. Don't use water which is boiling hot.....Warm is fine.
Stella H
Thanks too Sophie but we will be needing it before then but will keep it in mind should we ever need it again in the future.
Joany R
I have not been in this area for long but I have used people who come to the house and will clean all your carpets very cheaply. If this Rug Doctor is as heavy on electricity plus the cleaning fluid and the hire and the cost of pick up and return, it might be cheaper to sit back and let someone else do it for you.
Stella H
I've done that in the past Joany and wasn't very happy with the result. Oh and thanks for your tip Wendy.
Len T
Even if you get someone else to do it for you, you still have to supply the electricity.
Stella H
Done the carpets and really pleased with the result.

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