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I'll Be Lonely This Christmas...

Hi All

Things here on Streetlife have gone very quiet. All preparing for Christmas I presume? Well, I'm not, as many others. My children live a 6-8 hour drive away. Due to them having a 3 year old little girl and a seven day old baby son (yippee!) they would'nt want my dogs with me.  Also, I don't want to leave my 2 very tame cockatiels alone for several days. In addition I'm scared of driving straight into a severely flooded area and not getting to my destination at all, never mind getting back home.

Am I looking for sympathy or an invite to somebody's house for Christmas dinner? No, not at all. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Humbug! What I am looking for is for you to think of all the lonely people who have to spend Christmas on their own without a card,  gift, visit, phonecall, human interaction.

Keep Streetlife site going at least until Christmas is over. Please find a few minutes during the festivities to chat to us all. Nothing heavy, just a Christmas/New Year greeting will do. It could mean so much to so many people.


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Andrew P
I know the feeling, my children and grandchildren live over a hundred miles away, and Christmas time is not for travelling.

Its so easy to be lonely and upset when you are alone at anytime, but Christmas is bad when there are lots of people around you who you see enjoying themselves.
Caryn L
Hi Andrew,

Sorry, I only saw your message today. I wasn't ignoring you honest! Streetlife messages a bit mixed up I think... not in order of sending x
Caryn L
... I cried all over the christmas period and I'm not a cryer usually!

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