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I'll Be Lonely This Christmas...

Caryn L in Chambercombe
Hi All

Things here on Streetlife have gone very quiet. All preparing for Christmas I presume? Well, I'm not, as many others. My children live a 6-8 hour drive away. Due to them having a 3 year old little girl and a seven day old baby son (yippee!) they would'nt want my dogs with me.  Also, I don't want to leave my 2 very tame cockatiels alone for several days. In addition I'm scared of driving straight into a severely flooded area and not getting to my destination at all, never mind getting back home.

Am I looking for sympathy or an invite to somebody's house for Christmas dinner? No, not at all. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Humbug! What I am looking for is for you to think of all the lonely people who have to spend Christmas on their own without a card,  gift, visit, phonecall, human interaction.

Keep Streetlife site going at least until Christmas is over. Please find a few minutes during the festivities to chat to us all. Nothing heavy, just a Christmas/New Year greeting will do. It could mean so much to so many people.

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