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The Northern Distributor Road

I understand there are "exhibitions" coming up regarding the planning application for the NDR. The meeting at Taverham is in the village hall on Monday 11th between 3-9 pm. What are your views on this road? I think it's a huge waste of money with so many other services desperately needing finance during this difficult economic climate. The proposed road is planned to end on the A1067, thus dumping all its traffic there, inevitably forcing it through the already overloaded "rat run" routes - Sandy Lane & Beech Avenue in Taverham, and through Costessey, Ringland and Weston Longville to reach the A47. I have a feeling that this is our last chance to do anything about this issue...


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Amanda - there are thousands like you and me totally against the NDR and have been since day 1.  I have yet to see any justification for this road whatsoever.  I gather from reports of the same exhibition held in Hellesdon that this road to nowhere is going ahead regardless and it's all over bar the shouting.  All the chances for tweaking and protesting are long over so all you can do now is make the exhibitors feel uncomfortable one last time.  I know I will be!
Neal S inactive
They have not yet been able to justify the need for this road in order to obtain the finance so I would hope there is still time to protest. I shall go along to the Taverham exhibition to give my opinions on this farce. Surely its time we didnt just accept this road as inevitable but said NO!
Donna S
I went to see the altered plans yesterday at the forum. Please add thorpe marriott to the list of potential rat runs for anyone taverham based wishin to get out to felthorpe way this is the only logical route through but its ok they are also planning "traffic management" too post production and following a review.

I cannot see the need for this road at all for those of us taverham side of the city. But i don't want to comment on the other areas due to lack of knowledge of specifics. But following a long indepth talk to one of the planners -they should definitely be politicians as he could argue down any point and put forward a good case. The link to the A47 will never happen (well not yet anyway) due to.current conservation restrictions.

ultimately its to go through planning, plan to start 2015, plan to finish spring 2017.

Oh and its needed (apparently) because of government growth figures. So add to the fact we dont want this road we have got to have it becasue the goverment says we have to build more houses in norwich area cause we are to get so many more people in the area..... And there opens another argument altogether!
Carole W
Nich Starling and I have campaigned against this road being a half-baked, unfinished road to nowhere from day one.  If you want to do anything about this, write to your Tory Dsitrict and County councillors and assure them that they will not get your vote next time.  Stuart Clancy openly wrote in the Taverham Newsletter that he supported the NDR terminating at the A1067!
The only problem with the NDR is it should have been built 10 years ago.  This is a chance to properly plan for the  future rather than constantly keep building houses with no proper infrastructure upgrades. Instead of worrying about the impact on your own back yards try looking at the bigger picture and put Norwich and Norfolk first.
Neal S inactive
Surely putting Norwich, Norfolk and the UK first would be to not build over prime agricultural land at a time of inflated feed costs to build a road that re-distributes an increased number of cars onto roads that cannot cope. So CD wouldnt the preferred option be to not build the thousands of houses or the road?
The main problems with traffic, certainly in this part of Norwich, is getting in to Norwich at rush hour and even on a saturday. The justification for the NDR seems to assume that most of these cars dont want to go into Norwich but to Broadland Business park and beyond. The NDR may therefore work if Norwich had a fast, dual carriageway, link road between it and the inner ring road which encouraged commuters to do a few extra miles to save the journey time.
Carole W
Absolutely right Neal and the NDR would be a good thing if it were going all the way round and completing at the A47 which it isn't.
The whole concept whether right or wrong is to keep traffic out of the City which a dual carriageway into the Inner Ring Road would encourage.  The alternative is to offer a dual carriageway providing a guaranteed journey time round the City.   I agree none of us want the large new developments but it seems it will happen, so before the current network becomes completely gridlocked it can only be right to build the new infrastructure in readiness.  Burying heads in the sand and saying we don't want it is what happened to stop the Inner Ring Road being finished, Drayton Road being dualled and why Longwater junction is clogged up.  Hesitate now and the price to pay will be unacceptable for generations to come.
Neal S inactive
Dont understand the thought of keeping traffic out of the City, surely we need a bustling vibrant City, and by adding bus lanes and reducing car parking spaces the more clogged up it becomes. I would improve access to the inner ring road, put a couple of big car parks there and say thats it if you want to drive any further you pay. You can have all the bus lanes and park & rides you like but people will still want to use their cars so work with it not against.
Amanda J

Interesting to read the different posts here, I am a latecomer to this debate!

I have many issues with the NDR, but the reason I have specifically brought up local issues is that they seem to have been very much overlooked. My feeling is that if the people that live in this area don't speak up at the meeting tomorrow, nobody else is going to do it for us. The road was designed to end on the A47. Permission for this has not been granted, but ending it on the A1067 in my opinion is ridiculous and achieves nothing more than moving the congestion into our villages.

If it went all the way round it would make more sense. As it is at the moment, it is just half-baked.

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