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Club Card vouchers hacked into at Tesco

I tried to pay with my new club card vouchers in Tesco yesterday to be told "they have already been used"  "oh no they haven't..said I."  They would not accept them and I went out of the shop feeling very upset..more or less called a liar. Eventually I managed to find where my vouchers were listed and it seems someone in London had purloined my vouchers a few days ago. After hours on the telephone changing passwords etc etc and being treated like dirt on one occasion, I decided to look on the Internet to see if any one else had had the same problem. Sure enough...there it was :

"Has Tesco been hacked? Shoppers claim Clubcard vouchers stolen"

Not once did any of the people I spoke to say there was a problem. Tesco had said:

UPDATE: Tesco has issued the following statement about these allegations.

“We have launched a thorough investigation into a small number of incidents and referred the matter to the police. In the meantime, we’d like to ask any customers who believe they’re affected to contact us directly so that we can make sure their accounts are up to date."

Customers can call on 0800 591 688.

So if you hear of anyone with a similar problem please pass the message on.


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Thanks for the heads up!
John R
I've had some vouchers that wouldn't 'work' recently when buying online at I phoned the Clubcard helpline and was refunded them as new vouchers. I'm not saying they were 'hacked' , they were only worth £9.  They do make mistakes and will usually rectify them straight away. I once contacted them about vouchers I had used which were showing as still available and despite being honest with them they still insisted on reissuing them. Suffice to say I didn't protest too much!!

Its worth keeping an eye on your Clubcard account on the website, where you will soon see if your vouchers have been used, and where and when.
Sarah M
When I moved house 3 years ago I forgot to change my address with club card. Several months later I remembered and I phoned tesco's to update my address. I ask if they had sent me any new vouchers since I had moved and they said yes and that they had been spent by the lovely new tenants very nice of them. At first tesco refused to refund my vouchers by saying I should have changed my address earlier. So I spoke to a different person and asked was my club card used with the vouchers and they said no which is against the rules. So tesco's were then at fault for allowing my vouchers to be cashed without my club card. So they then had to refund my vouchers result.
June H
I had a voucher for £7 and used it to buy goods for £7.20. I paid cash for the extra 20p so didnt use my club card and wasnt asked for it.
Sarah M
Well they should not have done it because it allows anyone to spend your vouchers. If vouchers are lost or stolen it would not normally be with a club card so if a club card is requested before vouchers can be spent it should help prevent fraud.
Ellarose inactive
I have been in touch with Gt.Yarmouth Tesco (after spending about 2 days on the telephone trying to get hold of someone who knows what they are talking about.) they knew nothing about it whatsoever. Have asked them to do their homework and get back to me. Perhaps with a bit of luck they might do something rather than just make their customers feel like thieves! The security is obviously non existent.
I have also written to their Head Office and will be interested to see what they have to say.
The thing is most of these vouchers are only worth a few pounds and people don't like to make too much fuss. That's why the scam has lasted so long. Tesco loose nothing except a few points which are then spent in their own shops so they can't lose can they? They are just playing it down hoping it will go away but it hasn't.
The people I felt sorry for were those who had saved them all up to pay for Christmas and then found they were missing.
Ann H
I have just phoned Tesco to check on my vouchers as I thought some where missing , they where very helpful & told me that as I have a credit card with them I have 2 accounts so they have merged them so all my vouchers are together now.
John R
Ann H 

Its a good idea to have the combined card as you get a lot more vouchers than with a separate Clubcard

Sarah M 

I always thought that you had to present your card with the vouchers. You would think the computers would check. I've had run ins with Tescos about several things including Green Clubcard points when they weren't being given and was told that I should remind the Checkout operator that I was entitled to them  - NOT.  After several exchanges with the duty manager there was an obviously homemade notice at the checkouts reminding customers to make sure they got them. The thing is there was a prompt on the till screen reminding the operator to ask about them, which they were ignoring.

June H 

Remember you get points on voucher spends as well as cash so make sure you present your card for everything.;

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