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Knowle development

Pining Lass in Bulverton
I have been and read the planners document where they recommend that this planning application be passed.

Apart from the fact that I can't believe that they expect anyone to take their decisions seriously, eg they say they haven't tried to find any business to take over the buildings because it is useless to do so in this economic climate (do they think this is an excuse for ignoring planning requirements?), it has started me researching things.

I looked at the Local Plan where they say they want 150 new houses in Sidmouth, this plan runs from 2006 to 2026 and there have been over 600 houses either built or had planning permission given in the period from 2006 to 2012. Surely this is over 4 times as many as the plan is calling for?

So then I started searching to try to find out what the government thinks the country needs in the housing sector.
It appears that councils get money from the government for every new house built.
It wouldn't have any bearing on the EDDC wanting to build new homes on the Knowle would it? .... Nah, they're not like that!

I'll let you know if I find any more interesting tit-bits :-)

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