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Clarks Shop

Does anybody know if there are any plans for this now empty hardware shop in the town centre? It was such a handy  shop and is sadly missed. Also, it seems a pity to have an empty shop in such a prime location. It would be great to have a useful DIY/garden/household goods shop back in Aylsham.


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Roger W
Don't know of any plans for that shop but don't forget S&M Supplies on the Banningham Road Industrial Estate - they have a very large stock of hardware and are open to the public.  I've found them both friendly and helpful.
Steven H
Many thanks. I've seen their sign but had no idea they had a shop.
Ian G
No Clarks will not reopen.  I agree that S&M has some good stuff.  Well worth a visit.  A lot of what Clarks sold can be found in Aylsham, you just have to go to more than one shop, S&Ms, Postles, Woodgate Garden Centre (getting bigger and better all the time) etc.

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