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New town clock

Unfortunately, I agree with everyone's sentiments about the town clock and so-called improvements.  Someone mentioned that they rarely go into the town centre.  We try to support the shops and Saturday market.  There is an enormous plant and flower stall there on a Saturday and last week it was an absolute riot of colour.  I buy from there at this time of year to bring some early colour into my own garden.
Also, check out the cafes, both English and foreign.  They all do a great cup of coffee and the Portuguese custard tarts - mmm.


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Trevor B
When I walked passed the site yesterday the clock was being unpacked and tested. Many of the small steps have gone, I suspect they have relayed the existing paving to match. It is beginning to look better, let's just wait and see.
Anne F
Whilst I applaud the few who do, and boo the many who don't (me included), I do feel a golden opportunity has been missed. This historic town,with beautiful buildings (including Victorian lamps along the highstreet), fluffed up in the seventies by allowing some awful buildings to be erected. Now,when we should be riding on the crest of the Thomas Paine and Dads Army wave, I fear we fluffed up again. The square and clock tower, may have their place in many a new town, but not in this historic one. x
Jacky B
Well said Anne F.
Caroline J
We should all have sympathy for the lady who lives in the flat above Boots opticians she has to suffer the loud chimes of the clock all day and fairly late into the evening, not to mention the drunks who sit under her window on the newly installed seating.
Bernie P
I have plenty of sympathy for the lady.  Again there was no forethought of other people by people who do not live in the Thetford area.  Bet they are slapping each other on their backs saying, 'What wonderful people we are.'  (sic)  The bells seem to be immatations.  Correct me if I'm wrong.
Robert Whittaker
I think the new clock looks quite nice on its own. Though, as others have said, I'm not sure the new square is really in keeping with the historic town centre, and it's a shame that the focal point of the design is hidden away. (Or maybe it's a good thing, if you don't like the clock!)

However, regarding the redevelopment as a whole, I understand that the money for it had to be used for such a development. And given that I didn't respond to the consultation on the designs, I don't think I've really got any right to complain about it now.

Did anyone else here actually get involved with the consultation process for the design?
Jacky B
Yes, we had our say in the 'marquee' that was set up in Kings Street.  We protested strongly with everyone else who was there at the time!

They really didn't want to know and it made absolutely no difference anyway. They still went ahead and did as they wanted!  As always.

By the way, has anyone actually been walking under the clock as it strikes? We almost had heart attacks! lol

As for the 'water feature'....please...................
Try to see the time at night when the floodlights are on.
Jacky B
Are the chimes turned off at night?  Hope so.
Colin H
Now come on what other council  think of our wildlife a new roosting place for the pigeons and food a plenty great
Caroline J
We walked past yesterday evening and the area in front of the clock was alive with teenagers, riding their scooters, cycling and generally being noisy! Thats what teenagers do they weren't being particularly 'naughty' just having boisterous fun. The expensive seating and steps, aren't going to last long at this rate.
Lyndon R
Well, you have to admit that someone on the council has a sense of humour. The clock itself reminds me of a monument to a Minoan cow god or a model of a whales jawbone, the paved area with all of it's steps is an area for demonstrating how easily ankle injuries can be sustained (good traing for first aiders). And when are the walls for the gents urinal next to LloydsTSB going to be installed.......(.what's that dear....oh it's a water feature. really.) Methinks time will tell!!
Marie Levaux
Well I finally went into town and viewed the new clock and marble eyesore, none of which compliments the character of the town. Such a shame the money was not spent on emphasising the good things in Thetford. I would love to have a green grocer, an old fashioned bakery, a fishmonger, and other such shops that would draw custom. It's all very well people complaining about the supermarkets taking business away from the town centre but if my needs cannot be met in the town without also going to the supermarket then I may as well just get everything from the supermarket.
Bryony H
Many years ago there was a green grocer and bakery in town.  They probably went out of business due to lack of custom.
Trevor B
I was going to say the same thing Bryony. Businesses will only open and survive if they can attract enough custom.
Marie Levaux
It wasn't lack of custom that drove them out of business it was the overheads. Remember at that time there were also 3 supermarkets in the town centre and they still did good business. I used to shop in the town when there was a bit of choice, healthy competition and a decent market.
Wendy Ra
Sorry to still be banging on about the new  "skate park" in the town centre, but I went to Downham Market yesterday and it would appear that their town council were also conned by the architect who designed this!  They have virtually the same layout near to their lovely (and original) clock tower. Their Saturday market was being held in the space allocated for compo claims waiting to happen! 

Incidentally, I have only ever visited Downham very infrequently, but they have a great mix of little independent shops including a bakers, bed store, hardware store, DIY store and even a really nice department store with a pleasant cafe!  Not bad for a town with a much smaller population than Thetford!
Trevor B
I would guess that Dereham has more local, Norfolk people living there. they are more likely to shop in the local, independent shops.
Caroline J
There are plenty of 'local' norfolk people living in Thetford. There are also many people who would use local independent shops. Unfortunately the 'small' businesses have been driven out by the extortionate rents charged by the owners of the town centre shops.
The out of town supermarkets at either end of the town haven't helped either, if you live adjacent to Tesco why would you walk or drive in to town - they sell everything you need.
Barbara R
does anyone ever wonder why there's not one seat to sit on when you come out of Wilkinson's + Pound Stretchers, a large are, nice view of river, plenty of places to put a few seats, would be very welcome if waiting for someone to pick you up with your shopping, also, the Healthy Living  cnt. off Croxton Rd. not a seat anywhere, also not a bin( rubbish or dog poo) my husband walked our dogs all round the field between the Healthy Living + pool, while I was in the Dr's. picking up as he went round, then just no where to dump it???? + they were moaning that people do not pick up, maybe if there were bins, people would pick up, rather than having to put the bag in the car, with 3 dogs worth of poo in it! Then as we were leaving I saw a bin located right at the front of the building, so stop the car walk across + dump dog poo bag in normal rubbish bin, only the 1 bin for this whole site, so don't moan if theres dogs poo on the field, get some bins put around, it was only 'poy luck I saw the 1 on the way out
Caroline J
Well the water feature is finally up and running - only 5 months behind schedule! Lets hope it isn't vandalised.
Last evening that there was litter scattered all over the area  - including the water feature - we quickly spotted  that there are no litter bins - there were two or three prior to the new 'town square' being built, What has happened to them? Sadly if there are no bins provided people will just drop their rubbish on the floor.
Barbara R
passed by the grand new designed area out side Boots about 4ish, only to be almost sent flying by the kids doing 'wheelies' on + off the seat etc. Decided in future will walk the other side rather than to get knocked over, so where are these news police 'faces' that are surpose to be around town, they were not there when needed yesterday, + if you were to say anything, you'd just get abuse, its not a play area, or is it????
Bernie P
What water feature? I thought it was an open planned urinal.
Bernie P
Remember everyone.  If you vote or not vote, the councillors will not listen to us anyway.  Or they are over ridden by Dereham
Bryony H
I had a look at the 'water feature' last week and unfortunately I can't understand how that is supposed to look attractive.  At least if it was drinking water it would have a function but there are signs all over it saying it isn't.  Italy is full of fountains you can drink from.  That would have been good.  A big shame they seem to have wasted a lot of money putting it all there.

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