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Item to lend: Bread Maker

Just to let you know that I'm happy to lend my Bread Maker to help my neighbours out.


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Im happy that we live with neighbours who still have values.  Kind Offer...... Good Luck. :)
Cina A
it's very generous of you, Gemma. I have a breadmaker that was given to me over a year ago and I have never used it cause I can be very technophobic at times. I know how to read, I have the instructions, etc but I still don't get it.... I would really appreciate your help in working my machine for the 1st time if you'd be happy to do this. Let me know, thanks. Cina
Hey Cina,

Of course I would! There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh baked bread!
I see you're in Kentish Town, I'm happy to cycle over one day.
Just private message me your details,
look forward to hearing from you, Gemma

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