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The Clock we have all be waiting for...........has arrived

Sue W in Barnham
Well the clock has been it still wrapped in polythene or similar.  It looks like some viking or gothic.(thinking about the whale bones at Whitby) .bear with me on this............ 

Will be intrigued how many youngsters or alcohol / drug assisted peeps have competitions to see who can shimmy up the two supports of the clock face in the fastest time.
I am sorry to say I am totally lost in the sense of money being spent in this way, knowing,
how much the people of Thetford would like to have had some say in how to spend £600,000 of money in our town (be it from a grant through Europe or tax payers money), which ever way you look at it..we have paid for it with no say in the matter and they call this democracy.
I wish I colud be more optomistic but further words fail me.

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