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The Clock we have all be waiting for...........has arrived

Well the clock has been it still wrapped in polythene or similar.  It looks like some viking or gothic.(thinking about the whale bones at Whitby) .bear with me on this............ 

Will be intrigued how many youngsters or alcohol / drug assisted peeps have competitions to see who can shimmy up the two supports of the clock face in the fastest time.
I am sorry to say I am totally lost in the sense of money being spent in this way, knowing,
how much the people of Thetford would like to have had some say in how to spend £600,000 of money in our town (be it from a grant through Europe or tax payers money), which ever way you look at it..we have paid for it with no say in the matter and they call this democracy.
I wish I colud be more optomistic but further words fail me.
I'm with Sue Ryder


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Alan R
ooooh can`t wait to see it.

For that price it had better be good
Susan S
im amazed that they waste money on this , they could have used some of it to grit the high street !!
Jessie A
The last thing we need in our little town is this ugly clock...
Trevor B
Any improvement must be seen as good, but I had hoped for a clock with a much more traditional style to go with the age of the buildings around it.
Colin H
waste of time and a waste of money should have been spent on cleaning up the town
Wendy Ra
Has anyone else noticed the similarity between the new clock and the Hungry Horse sign?
Jacky B
Yep. Exactly what I said to my partner!
Gill B
Totally agree with Colin-we're furious that so much money has been spent on this- total waste.
Annette B
It's an "interesting" design which could look good in a very modern setting but it's totally out of place in Thetford where the surrounding buildings are so traditional. I agree that there are very many more essential projects for which that all this money could have been useful.
Chris M
What I have seen of the clock so far (it was still wrapped in plastic) has not impressed me. Also its position tucked away in the corner just makes it look even worse. The whole 'improvement' scheme is a general disappointment, drab and boring and of course STILL not finished. How can it possibly be taking so long! For what has been done it has taken a stupid length of time to spend all that money. Maybe if someone from the council or MTF is reading these threads they can respond and explain the project timescale and delays.
Trevor B
I have noticed that one of the stone blocks near Boots is chipped, will it be replaced? The whole area with it's different levels is a real trip hazard to the elderly and anyone else with poor eyesight.
Jacky B
Absolutely! Lots of accident claims!  The edges of the 'bandstand' are all chipped too!
Colin H
Dont be daft while somebody is getting a back hander it will take up till the spring time to DO ALL THE WORK.
Caroline J
I haven't met anyone who likes it yet.............. Come on the silent majority speak up!
On the subject of the length of time it is taking it is a huge pity that a penalty clause wasn't written in to the contract. The possibility of reduction of earnings is usually a huge incentive to finish on time.
If they start bleating about the recent bad weather slowing them down they should take a look at the impressive amount already been achieved by the workers on the A11dualling between Thetford and Barton Mills it doesn't seem to have hampered them.
Mike L
I don't believe there is a silent majority in favour of this "public amenity" whilst we the public are expected to 
endure the sharp end of austerity.  How can the imposition of "belt tightening" be justified when we see  public money  so misdirected.
Colin H
Raf the bad weather it stated  in the press a few  weeks back that the work force was moved on to the a11 job as there was not enough workers,.
Wendy R
That is rediculouse Colin, surly when you requistion a job you know how many men are going to take how long to do it. If the men were taken off by there bosses it was most probably because they came along one day and thought as I have done every time I've been down town since Christmas, that the work wasnt being done and the men were either just standing around talking or sitting in their vans. Now that the differant levels have been put down, as I am dissabled with back problems, I really will have to watch where I walk as I dont pick my feet up very high off the ground. Its not only the elderly or dissabled that will have problems though, any young girl walking with platform shoes on will have to be carefull too. As my husband said "Its an accident waiting to happen".
Margaret C
Could not agree more Wendy, I passed the site today at round about 11 a.m - a complete abomination - already looking very shabby before the works are even completed - if that ever happens - one man sat in van reading newspaper!
Trevor B
There is an article in the EDP today about the delay with this scheme. Breckland, Thetford Town Council, and Moving Thetford Forward are all "disappointed" with the delays, but look forward to seeing the works completed. The Councillors and all others associated with this waste of tax payers money support it, but it is obvious the people do not.
Susan S
even if it did look good , which it doesnt , it would look out of place as the rest of the town looks run down !! i cant imagine what they will come up with next , the money could be used in such a better way like providing something useful for the people of thetford !!
Jacky B
You are right Susan S, but I believe the money had to be used for a project such as this!

I certainly see no improvement in the town. It is all so ugly and already shabby. The clock can't even be seen from up Kings Street! Whoever designed all this should be ashamed.
Trevor B
A Rolls Royce scheme in a Skoda town.
Ray C
it is like trying to polish a T**d
Annette B
It has to be said in defence of Thetford that Skodas are great cars at realistic prices. 
A Roils Royce is admittedly a super duper car but most of the frills are totally unnecessary if the truth be told.
Kathie inactive
I like your comment, Annette! That is Thetford. The new clock is it's new spangly alloy wheels. Not strictly necessary, but why shouldn't it have nice new things? not everyone is going to think it goes with the image, but you aren't going to please all of the people all of the time.

I can't wait to see what the clock looks like when the plastic comes off.

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