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gardening club

Hi. this is my first post.  Does anyone know of a gardening club in or around the Hosford area please?


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Cazz Y
Hi, there is a 'horticultural club' at Hellesdon Community Centre which meets once a month: gives you all the details. I am not a member, so don't know what it's like personally, but my in-laws used to go a while back and I know they enjoyed it.
Michael C
Hi Cazz and thanks very much for the info and the link.

will definitely look into that one!  
Margaret W
Hi Michael, we have a very good Horticultural Club in Old Catton. We meet at 7.15pm on the first Wednesday of the month in the Village Hall, off Church Street. Come along for one meeting and pay £1.50 to see what we're like, or join us for £9 for the whole year. We are a friendly bunch and you will be very welcome.
Michael C
Hi Margaret and thank you very much.

We hope to see you all on Weds 6th February and look forward to it !
Ian B
Frettenham Garden Club meet the first Friday of the month in the Village Hall. 
I'm with 1stPC
Michael C
thanks very much Ian. that's good to know.

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