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neighbours garden...what should i do

A freind of mine lives next door to a woman who has not done anything to her back garden for many years, he has had a word with her and she has told him that she doesn't do gardening, to give you an idea her whole back garden is over run with brambles and is as tall as a 6ft fence, other neighbors have reported it to the council ( it's on a council est ), the council have been round and taken photos a year or so back but nothing seems to get done. Why havn't the council enforced her to get it done or maybe move her into a flat as i'm sure there are lots of people who would love a garden... what more could he do ??


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James M
Wait for the bedroom tax to hit, I expect she has 2 or 3 extra bedrooms?  She'll move then.
yes it's a 3 bed but she has a young daughter.. But i always assumed it was the tenants responsibility to keep the gardens clean and tidy..
Tony B
The council will only step in if the garden is causing a health and safety risk.

If he is so concerned why doesn't he rally up some volunteers and clear it himself.

I would be happy to offer myself for a few hours each day if other like minded people also did so......
Elaine D
Sorry, there's nothing you can do, unless you see rats????
Michael H
What constitutes a tidy garden different people have different ideas some people would consider it a mess others would say its a excellent habitat for wildlife.Obviously if its causing a direct nuisance to other properties or if its full of vermin or a health risk i feel that there is little the council can do unless the tennant wants it changed
Sentinel R inactive
If there is rubbish and rats, environmental heath can intervene and if its not cleared will clear at the residents cost. Needs to be quite bad and for quite a while before they do.
Glen T
Very much doubt that it’s a council owned property, probably been purchased off the council by the owner. If it is a Council property they would be breaking their tenancy agreement and something would have been done by now.
Yes, if they are in receipt of housing benefit, there MAY be a reduction of 14%. If they are also in receipt of Council Tax benefits, they will soon also have to pay at least 8.5%. The problem may be, are there 2 beds available to move into ?
Felix F
I agree with Glen T - the council is pretty good about getting gardens tidied up.

If you are a neighbour, what about offering to help - so at least you don't get passers-by getting trapped in the brambles! Or if you are really keen could it be cleared and planted up with veg and then share whatever you can get to grow?
glen t i i am very sure that she is a council tenant and on benifits, and the council have know about it for yrs they even took photos from my friends landing window where you can see the whole of the garden.. Apparently it was cleared some yrs back by community workers (naughty boys), and rats have been seen and reported but still nothing has been done....I've been told that there was a fire there some yrs ago with kids throwing matches over the back fence in the hot dry weather.....
Andy A inactive
if this is a council tenancy and enough neighbors make complaints (ie it is a health hazard of one kind or another as some have already mentioned)  then the council is obliged to do something about it ,if the tenants arent able to do anything themselves due to health or disability  problems. However if it is overgrown but presents no apparent or proven  health or hazard problems, then I doubt anything will be done. As Michael H says, it may be their choice and may offer an excellent nature reserve for lots of non dangerous wild life.
Glen T
Ian, I suspect that it was environmental health that took the photo. Council tenants unable to keep a garden are offered a assisted garden scheme
Holly P
I can't see what the problem is, surely it's up to her. If she wanted help she'd ask for it, if it's not a problem for her why is it for others? What's the actual problem? Have rats been seen going from her garden into others property? Why does this give others a right to be discussing her personal life? It all seems very judgemental to me.
Good point Holly P. If she doesn't like it, help her. If she does like it, leave her alone.
Toby P.
Get in the real world Holly P. What does your garden look like I wonder?.
I think that's a bit harsh Douglas P. The counter-point being made is simply "live and let live". There doesn't seem to be any suggestion here that the garden is a health hazard, just a mess. I know a bloke who never combs his hair. What would you have us do? Drag him to the barbers?
S here
If its an eyesore then as those next door  have a right to complain, mind you I agree you must not discuss their personal life. I don't think any names or locations have been disclosed so no harm done.
Grainne W
The person with the garden may have health issues which can't be seen which mat stop her from doing it her self . I'm with tony B .if its so much of a problem them get a gang of like minded folk to help and clear it for her ? Think about how good it would make you feel ? Perhaps say to the lady " if I can get a group of people together to clear your garden would you keep us supplied with tea and coffee "? .
James M
Either she doesn't want to clear it herself or can't.  Either way, if you want it gone and she is agreeable, you're probably going to have to organise it yourself, but how to do it?  I think the first port of call should be to speak to her about it, but stress the positives rather than the negatives, and even fib to allow her to save a bit of face.

Tell her you bought a new strimmer and are dying to use it and would love to have a go on her garden Or say you're part of a local wildlife group and they need suitable locations for volunteers to clear scrub to encourage wild birds.  Tell her you know someone who needs material for composting or mulching and all that undergrowth is going to waste... etc.  Be creative.

If she's adamant she likes it the way it is, then there's nothing you can do.
Grainne W
You would need a petrol one to cut that lot lol
Can't somebody by the woman a pet goat, it will clear the garden in no time!
Now there's a thought. Maybe IBC should start a rent-a-goat scheme.
Grainne W
Be a dan site cheaper as well !
Possibly ask her if she is willing to rent the garden out? I'm sure someone in the local area would like it was an allotment. If she's not using it, why not let someone else use it? She can make a bit of money off it at the same time.
Could she do that as a Council Tenant?

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