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The Terrace Tavern The terrace

They have started gutting the interior. - listed building. Apparently going to be a Turkish restaurant and, I believe, flats on upper floors. One can only hazard a guess at how many are going to be crammed in. So the council give planning permission, despite asking what residents thought of the scheme. Had no notification - just happened to speak to the owner.


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Mike M
Planning permission was actually granted in 2011 as per: The permission was for 4 flats.

However the owner applied for a further variation in Dec 12 as per:
Martin Wilson
Odds on the new restaurant will fail in 6 months - like most of the new ones in the already high number in Gravesend.
Bee L
Where are residents of flats and customers of restaurant going to park - can see problems ahead...??? There will be blood.....
jed hubronn
it does have permission to become a restaurant- pukka planning application complete with analysis of the building by a heritage expert and a pukka heritage statement- all very reassuring.

I would support a Turkish restaurant- at least it adds some needed variety to the endless chinese and indian restaurants. I don't even think that parking would be problem- the Terrace is wide at this point and there is room to park. 

SO WHY HAS SOMEONE SEEN FIT  TO CONVERT IT (without planning permission) TO AN OFF-LICENCE-. At least the additions - horrible signage covering the lovely original windows, horrible suspended ceiling and strip lighting would seem to be removable without damaging the original parts of the building. 

I don't think that the off-licence will last long - its the wrong location. Some other thikko spiv will then buy the building at an even more know down price and it will still remain empty until, perhaps by chance a responsible person will buy it and actually put time and effort and business nous into making it a successful B+B, or a successful restaurant.  

The planning blight by irresponsible and uncaring owners is a miniature version of the wide scale blight that could come as a result of Edinburgh House's involvement in the Heritage Quarter!
Mark W
It is now open as a small mini supermarket. Not sure it will last long as it is in the wrong place.
So sad we are losing our heritage in this town.
Claire B
I think the restaurant idea is far better than the current convenience store.  Do we really need another one?  There are plenty of small shops of this kind within walking distance of that location.  At least the restaurant is along the hospitality theme, and we don't have another one in the area. 

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