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Above the Law

Terry R inactive in All Saints South Elmham
Being new the the country life - I just wish to add to points of observation and ask if this is the norm and just ignored please.!

On this websire - I have read recently about the parking and general inconsideration of drivers in and around Halesworth.

I have noticed a considerable amount of mud on the road between Halesworth, Wissett and Rumburgh. This is not caused by cars, but by agricultural vehicles. Over the past months, I have noticed that no-one has cleaned or removed `their mud from the road, which is contrary to the road traffic act. In fact, just recently, a sign was left saying "Mud on Road" and the mud is left ,to be driven over and coat our vehciles.

Secondly - I see plenty of Police Casualty Reduction Units (Speed Camera Vans) dotted all over the area.  To drive down casualties and to promote acceptable driver behaviour.  So why is that every single weekday, usually twice a day - several cars are being parked on the yellow lines and zig-zags outside the school and directly OPPOSITE the Halesworth Police Station. It appears to me that  the welfare and safety of the children are being compromised right under our and Police noses - and will no doubt continue until a child gets hurt.  So tagging on to the recent conversation about parking and buses - It appears to be to the convenience of the minority rather than safety of others - Very selfish. 

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