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Apex coffee shop

Surprised to see the cafe in the Apex only has 6  tables! Means a max. of 24 people seated if they are all full. Quite often only 2 at table in most coffee shops. Will be hell during Christmas Fayre! Might prove to be a retrograde move.


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Stone-me inactive
A very under used coffee stop. Cheaper than nearby Costa too!
Frank S
After a shaky start Sodexo has made significant improvements to catering services at the Apex. The new coffee bar in the foyer is brilliant, the staff are pleasant and efficient, and the seating upstairs is still available for those who want their refreshments in a more secluded and comfortable environment. I'm sure the improvements will continue - it wasn't so long ago that NOTHING was allowed to impinge on the foyer's emptiness, so well done Sodexo for overcoming this hurdle!
Does this mean we have to have drinks in take-away cups if we wish to sit upstairs? Don't fancy struggling upstairs or using lift with chinaware cups. Thought it was suggested that it was against regulations to have anything in foyer when Apex first opened. Was surprised when craft fairs were allowed to be there.
John B
I was at the planning meeting and as far as I remember the only restrictions were on bringing alcoholic drinks outside.
Hopefully there will be trays available to take drinks upstairs. I have my "Strictly Saturdays" dance there this Saturday afternoon so will be able to assess the situation as we get a lot of people there who enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. I have asked them to open the bar upstairs too on Saturday afternoon as quite a few people like a drink while they are dancing, (not literally while they are dancing !!)
Frank S
Reckon there'll be a restaurant upstairs before too long, then hot drinks should become available on both levels.

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