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Goose for tomorrow

I got a shock this morning when I went to the butchers, I had ordered a small goose for tomorrow and I got one that weighed nearly 5 kg and cost £47.98. It is far too big for me and I wondered if there was a larger gathering out there who could use it, I would swop it for 2 or 3 joints to roughly the same value, I know its a strange request but I can but hope, I live in the newtowm area, the goose ia fresh and never been frozen straight from the farm.
If nobody can help can you advice me how long to cook it, I was told 3 hours but that does not sound enough, I thought it would be the same as for turkey about 30 mins a pound.


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Roger K
Get ready for a shock.  There's not much meat on a goose but a whole load of fat will come out during the cooking.
Jo J
Had goose yesterday, 5kg, prick the skin and rub with salt mixed with lemon zest and juice of one lemon. Then spread honey over the top. Cut two lemons in half, one can be that which you used the juice and zest from, and place in the large cavity. Preheat oven to 220 and cook for 10 mins, then reduce heat to 160 fan assisted. 5kg will take just under two hours. Take bird out every 30mins and bast with the fat. One time is up take goose from oven and leave to rest for 15-20 mins. Reserve the fat as fab makes fab roasties.
A 5kg bird will give enough meat for 6, but you will use all the meat, nothing left for cold cuts.
I bought a frozen goose from lidils 19.99 and it was very good.
If there is any fat around the cavity trim it off before cooking.....enjoy, it is tasty. Or if too big for you, options are cut off legs, cut bird in two and freeze that which you do not wish to use not stuff the bird with paxo etc as the fat content will turn the stuffing to mush, cook stuffing separately in a bread or cake tin...happy Christmas
Jo J
Oh and dont cover with tinfoil while cooking..
Linda W
Thanks for that jo j, I will give it a go but am worried because all my cook books say 20 mins a pound and 20 mins over, there are 3 of us so i guess iwill cook it all.  Next year I will go to aldi, its all very nice fresh from the farm but it took every bit of money in my purse for xmas and new year period.  So I will be alert next time and get a frozen one.
Matthew G
20 minutes per kg would sound more plausible - are you sure about the units?!
Jo J
20 mins per pound the meat will be dry and over cooked, per pound would be 12 mins...three of you you will get either two meals or one meal + sandwiches. If you want another full mea, from it for 3, cut all the meat off, don't forget the two juicy lumps under the hip joints, place the meat in a mid size roasting tin, cover with a pint of grave and warm in the oven at 150, the meat is tender and juicy...good luck let us no how you get on...and yes, lidli next year, was very good bird, I have always had farm fresh but the prices are a joke so got a £19 one and was as good....
Pauline S
Hi Linda , there's a lot of fat in a goose so you'll need to empty the tray a few times, you can cut into slices when cold and double wrap it in tin foil , then you can freeze it. We do it in portion size, as just  being the 2 of us it's easier on days when we fancy a roast, I do the veg and there's dinner ready.
Linda W
Looks like you were right.  Its just coming up to 2 hours since I put the goose in  and I am about to get it out to rest, looks done to me, will let you know how it tastes.
Being nosey but what time do you have your christmas dinner?  We used to have it at 6 about the time we usually have our evening meal but found we had too much lunch and could not do justice to dinner so we now have it at 2.
Happy christmas everyone and enjoy your dinner.
Jane S
The poor goose got a shock

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