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Nokia phone battery BL 5C

Hi, My old Nokia 2730 Classic has just died.  The charger socket is damaged.  I'd like to borrow a charged up battery BL-5C  so I can transfer all my contacts to my SIM.  Will travel to you.


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Sydney C
We have a nokia to usb cable type CA-53 if that would help. We are away from Highgate till Sunday evening though
Nicola S
You can use mine if you still need one..  I am in East Finchley.  Will send you my phone number. Am around tomorrow morning till 1pm.
John 0
Hi Sarah, I have a couple of old  BL-5C batts that I could charge up, to enable you to do your task. I am in Stoke Newington N16 if that helps? You can call or text 07941622387 or email me. Regards.

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