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Christmas ligths

does anyone know when they are turning the lights on in sidmouth?


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Stephen H
It was last night (Saturday) @ 5:30. Loads of people!!
Nicky A
thank you for your relpy. i reaf down the messages yesterday after i posted the question. i found the answer. i did go down after work to watch the lights very good except the christmastree looks miserable. fields have out done themselves this year. there lights are amazing
Mark L
Christmas would look great away from fields
Can someone tell me what someone's hard come by cash was doing being used for the 'star turn' and exactly what did she do of merit...I heard two sentences and a collective countdown...someone mentioned her appearance fee was in 3 figures....?
Tell It As It Is inactive
What? She was actually paid for that appearance? Who was irresponsible enough to pay that bill then?
Nicky A
i did not even see her from where i was stood: why pay for something when it should be a honour to be asked to turn sidmouth lights on. why could they have got someone a bit more interesting than a bbc weather girl......
That was gossip I picked from folks and local taxi drivers...fonts of all local knowledge, okay poss not :-) ..I might make the enquiry with the council though

.I would like to see the Council initiate a customer service winning nomination ie members of the public from say August onwards nominate a special individual working in one of the local stores or providing a local service to switch on the lights and for it to be a fanfare and 'thank you', a parade through the town in the charabanc, their name up in lights for one night only, a general pat on the back, it could be a lot of fun and better value all round.

I think we are generally fortunate with our customer service generally in Sidmouth but there are still quite a few who might turn to the manual from time to time
Henry H inactive
I agree - or a prize for something the junior aged kids could do (am not sure what?)
I have one of the council green trees stuck on the wall infront of my flat. it is boring. I want to buy some flashing coloured fairy lights and a big star for the top - to make it different to everyone elses. do you think I'm allowed to?
Tell It As It Is inactive
Go for it Henry ............................ if its not allowed it'll take them the best part of a year to get round to asking you to take it down. I tend to agree that paying a 'celebrity' to simply countdown and switch on the lights is a bit over the top .......... that's if it is true of course ................ but there again I can't imagine a fee not having to be paid. Arranging for a local 'dignitary/celebrity' to perform the switch on is an excellent idea but none of the usual suspects eh? What about the current carnival queen or someone that has done a lot for charity during the year. Wasn't Mary King available?
Barnacle Bill
I'm assuming that the 'celebrity's' fee was paid by the chamber of commerce?
Nick B
Mark L   Why would christmas look great away from Fields?
Mark L
Sorry the Xmas tree in the market square nicky said it looked miserable it would look great in a place not near the flashing lights of fields
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
The "golden ticket" were given to schools - it took a long time for them to get a child who had a golden ticket with them.

I agree with F.B. that it should be a local person, they ought to do a nomination for employees of stores.  We could select them, not the bosses.

Having said that, Tom Griffiths has given his time and effort this year to many causes.......... Graham Whitlock (Theatre Manager ,) Adrian Harvey (the Sidmouth Band) or any volunteers, i.e Trevor from St. John's Amulance or the combined staff of Tesco for dressing up at various occasions throughout the year.
Robin F inactive
Mark L  we were saying the same thing about the market square tree going past it tonight. The lights have just been left to dangle straight down so from a distance in looks like a cone than a tree. Just a little titivation draping the lights over the branches could transform this boring looking tree.
Mark L
Maybe a bit of tinsel and a star would be nice

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