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Window cleaner

Hi, can anyone recomend a window cleaner for Winterton on sea? Please.


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Leslie B
Hi Jo, I can recommend a good window cleaner, he has been cleaning my windows for over two years. 
And as far as I know he dose Winterton
If you have the NR29 Guide he is in there but if you have not, here it is 
Call Matt  Tel: 0790 967 6792

Regards, Les
Tracey R inactive
I also use MRH Cleaning Service. I have my windows cleaned every 8 weeks although you can request every 4 weeks. He also cleaned all our facias and cleaned all our carpets which came up like new. He is friendly and reliable and he even cleaned my windows in the snow.
Jo H
Thankyou ladies he sounds just what I am looking for.Does he do insides aswell?
Tracey R inactive
Yes I believe he does and he will pressure wash patios or drives too.
Janet E
I have been looking for a window cleaner, actually his name did come up in conversation a while ago and he was recommended to me then, must get in contact with him.
Matthew H
Hi Jo and Janet,

I am matt from mrh window cleaning. I have a window cleaning round in winterton and am there every 4 weeks, I can clean your windows on a 4 or 8 weekly cycle which ever best suites you. If you call me on 07909 676792 I can arrange to come and give you a quote.

Many thanks,
Matt mrh window cleaning

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