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Looking for a window cleaner

I am having trouble finding a window cleaner for my second floor flat - It looks as though most window cleaners will only do up to first floor.  I managed to find someone a few months back but they are no longer prepared to service the Old Palace Road area.  Can anyone help with a contact?  I know that other residents in the area would be pleased to have a regular window cleaner, so I am sure that there would be plenty of regular work.


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Maureen D
My window cleaner is Russell French. I don't know if he does flats but you can give him a ring to find out.
He uses purified water via a long brush on a pole so can reach high windows. 
01603 414544 or 07717313054.
Thanks for the info, Maureen D. I'll give him a call.
Hi Maureen D,  Russell's going to clean my windows and that of my neighbours.  Thanks for recommendation. 
Maureen D
Glad to help. Just goes to show this page comes in handy for passing on information.

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