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is there anybody out there.....?

Hi all...just made an account and its very quiet here...anyone fancy introducing themselves?
I'm Tami, Haverhill born and bred and happily married for nearly 24 years...I love reading, internet and cookery...I have one son and a fabulous pet Sausage dog! I also love music and gigging. Tell me about you.


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Susan B
Hi. I'm Sue. Not very computer savvy but thought i'd try. Been married for 18 years and living in Haverhill for about 20 years and like it lots because its a friendly place with good ameneties and lots of nice dogs walking areas. I love dogs and have four, one cocker spaniel and 3 chihuhua jack russells.
Tami J
Hi folks! It's good to hear there are others out there!
John D
Hello Tami,

Nice to meet you.  I just learned of this site and have begun to do my profile.  Give it a day or two and I'll have it sorted.  


I'm with EFT Group

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