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I have been a Fairtrader for Traidcraft for 15 years and I am happy to order goods for you any time with free postage. I shall be holding a Coffee morning in Hollesley at the beginning of Fairtrade Fortnight.

Everyone welcome

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Colyton, The Street, Hollesley

Feb 23


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Elizabeth N
Hello Helen,

I sell a range of fair trade goods which include very attractive and colourful handmade baskets made by Women in Ghana as well, as a range of beautiful, colourful and reasonably priced Jewellery which again is handmade and comes from the Amazon rain forest which, helps support the employment of around 35,000  indigenous people.

I was wondering whether I could come along on the 23rd and show my range of fair trade items?

Helen M
Yes, please do. People would love to see your craft items.
Elizabeth N
Thank you very much, I really do appreciate it.

I will be back in touch a little nearer the time.

I hope the weather will be better than today - heavy snow here in Orford this morning.
Helen M
Look forward to hearing from you in due course. I have just taken delivery of Fairtrade Easter eggs.

I visited Ghana when my son was doing VSO there. I love the baskets and visited Bolgatanga where they are made. I also visited Ghana with my church, which helps a school in Southern Ghana.
Sheila C
Looking forward  to seeing your Fairtrade goods,weather terrible here in Sutton Heath, i'm sure it'll be ok in February.
Helen M
Best to stay in the warm today!

Look forward to meeting you in February
Elizabeth N
Hi Helen

I will be bringing my Bolga Baskets I am glad to hear that you have been to Bolgatanga - I have sold many at various craft fairs.

See you before long - by the way do I need to bring a table on the 23rd or anything else
Helen M
Dear Elizabeth,

I have a small table in the conservatory, but you can also spread your wares around in there too. If you wish to bring another table, you are welcome.
Val P

Hello Elizabeth. 

Thought you might be interested in contacting The Suffolk Punch Trust in Hollesley as they are looking for stallholders for their forthcoming 'event' days.  My daughter (Tracey) is head groom/farm manager there and she is happy for you to contact her in the first instance.  07776 210238.

Elizabeth N
Hello Val,

I would be pleased to chat to your Daughter regarding having a stall at The Suffolk Punch Trust however, I am not around much this weekend but, if Tracey would like to contact me on 01394 450264 when it is convenient for her to chat I will be available Monday - Friday daytime.

Many thanks for thinking of me.
Val P
OK. I will let her know.
Elizabeth N
Hello Helen,

Please can you let me know where you are near in the Street in Hollesley - I know where the shop is and the pub.

Looking forward to meeting up on the 23rd February.
Helen M
Hi, Elizabeth,

I am 2 houses before Coltec (the garage) which is just before the shop. Colyton has 2 drives and the first is big enough for 2 to 3 cars (just before a large silver birch)
Elizabeth N
Hi Helen,

Many thanks for that.

See you in February.
Helen M
Hope you are all ready for tomorrow. Quite a number of folk have said they are coming so I hope we will have a successful morning.

Look forward to meeting you

Elizabeth N
Hi Helen, yes I am all ready for tomorrow - good to know there will be many folks coming I just hope we do not have the snow they keep on about!

See you tomorrow I should be with you between 9-30 - 9-45. 


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