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I am looking to find someone in the Lowestoft area who could help me with some dressing making. Nothing very difficult. If you could help me I would love to hear from you. Please message me and then perhaps we could exchange telephone numbers etc. I'm sure there must be people who sew in this area somewhere!


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Ken B
Hello Angela,
My wife used to do some sewing and dressmaking, while she doesn't do as much as she used to, she manages to make and alter clothes for our grand-daughter. She has asked me to message you with her number.

Ken and Pat
Angela F
Good afternoon Ken & Pat,
Thanks so much for your reply, I can't see you have left your number so can I give you mine to contact me please. 07778216991. Looking forward to hearing from you Pat, if you ring me I will ring you straight back. Once again thank you Ange
Hello Angela,

Are you looking for some clothes or dresses to be made from scratch or just alterations?
Barbara A
Is there anyone who can alter the length of trousers for me.?

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