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Its still going on Burns Road

A young lad who was trying to do the right thing to better himself, going to college to study for a worth while job, was finding the daily travel by bus a bit exspensive. his parents purchased a bike, him and a friend put the bike together, and put it in the garden shed on a Saturday night ready for use on the Monday so that he could ride to college, some time between then and Sunday morning it was stolen, it has been reported to the police HaHa, We on Whitton Est all know who the S--t bags are, we want rid of them, (by the way so do the police know)
If Streetlife censor what I have writen then shame on Streetlife for doing so.


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Honesty may hurt
I hear and agree..
Do you know the details of the bike, colour etc?
Will  keep my eyes peeled, as we can probably guess who has helped themselves.
Thanks Burns Road I am glad some one wants to help
Bike colour --- Red
Make           --- Barracuda
Wheels       --- 24in
Front disc   --- Brake
If you spot it, let me know, and I will get it back, with the help of the police or not.
This is what Streetlife should be all about, dont you think, helping one another,
Honesty may hurt
Totally agree with you watchfull.. This site is a brilliant chance for crimes to be shared with a greater audiance. For far to long people are afraid or just not interested in helping others who have fallen foul of these thieving little turds. We all need to club together keeping an eye on our neighbours things, making that phone call to the police or shouting out the window.
Spotty Dog
When you're amongst the crows it's not  easy to fly with the eagle. Good luck in your attempts to form a neighbourhood watch and instil respect in the community and I hope this makes the lad even more determined to rise above those who are trying to drag him down. Nothing is permanent, things WILL change with determination.

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